How Witches Deal with Anger and Spellcasting

“I am furious,” my friend, Natalie, said.

I listened carefully and learned about the terrible things three people were doing that caused her trouble. I truly empathized with her position. I could relate that she felt her anger was justified.

Then she said something that gave me pause.

“I’m concerned that if I do any spellcasting in this frame of mind, I’ll create a karmic backlash on myself,” Natalie said.

I talked with spiritual elders about this.

Here are four insights.

  1. Believe Yourself

If you have an intuitive feeling that now is a terrible time to cast a spell, believe yourself. Believe your inner knowing. Furthermore, this could be the Gods warning you.

One of my friends said, “If you’re poisoned, then what you do will be poisoned.”

If you feel “poisoned” by anger, turn to the Tarot or another trusted divinatory tool. In this way, seek to know more about the situation. Avoid doing magick until you know more about a situation.

  1. Be sure to “ground yourself.”

If you’re upset, ground yourself. Grounding is a practice that can help you cleanse yourself of negative energies. You can arrive at more clarity about a situation.

I love grounding. Why? Because I have depression symptoms. It helps me clear my mind of negative thoughts.

See my post on grounding here.

Feeling angry is natural. Still, the effective witch learns to avoid reacting. The idea is for you to develop a positive response. That response is grounding.

You can turn negative energy and thoughts into positive action. How? Begin with grounding. Then learn more about the situation. Positive action rises out of clarity.

  1. Perform Shielding practices.

If you’re hit with negative energy, you can use shielding.

The great thing about shielding is you can…

  • Protect yourself
  • If necessary, create a “mirror” to repel malevolent energy

You can learn more about shielding here.

  1. Turn it over to the Gods.

If you are unsure if now is a good time to do magick, turn it over to the Gods. Pray to them. Do a meditation session to connect with Them. The Gods can see the playing field better than we can. They see all the moving pieces. We may not see the full sequence or interwoven nature of details and events.

Asking for guidance is a powerful step when you’re dealing with a crisis. 

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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