How Witches Elevate Their Practice – Getting Stronger

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“How do you stay so cheerful?” a customer asked my friend, Sarah.

“Discipline,” Sarah said.

I reflected on this. Sometimes, elevating our spiritual practice feels hard to do.

I have three insights for you.

  1. Have practices so you can truly focus.

Having a daily practice is important. Repetition helps us go into a trance-like state. 

When you cast a circle in the same manner, the practice becomes part of you. You engrain the motions, words, and feelings. This process helps you enter something I call “The Ritual Zone Mental State.”

  1. Realize that there are times when “it’s just work.”

For many of us, doing a process is “just work,” until, through practice, we can reliably enter The Ritual Zone Mental State.

It takes time to hone your skill when starting something new.

Repetition is just part of the process.

My friend, Sarah, said, “If you have some routines, then you don’t need to push yourself so much.” The idea is: “Make the decision once. Then you don’t need extra energy or willpower.”

Once you pick a specific ritual and specific time, things become automatic. For example, many of us simply brush our teeth at night as an automatic routine.

  1. Ask Goddess for guidance so you can put in routines.

Asking the Goddess for help is important. Sometimes, you need that extra help to get things done.

A Prayer for Routines That Make You Stronger

Lovely Lady of the Moon,
Guide me to create routines to
Deepen my practice.
Let them be consistent and powerful.
May I build myself ever stronger.
So Mote It Be.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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