How Witches Know Differences Between Asking for Help from the Gods versus Asking a Person

“Life is so hard. It seems designed to force us to ask for help,” my friend, Lindsey, said.

That felt like a powerful, truthful idea. I reflected on this. And I talked with a spiritual elder.

Let’s look at the differences between asking the Gods for help—versus asking a person.

Here are some thoughts.

When You Ask a Person:

A) Specific

Be specific so the other person knows exactly what you are asking of them. If you are not specific, you will not get exactly what you want. People need specifics. If you really want a red birthday balloon, be specific. If you don’t, you’ll likely feel let down, and the other person will feel like they failed.

B) Simple

Make your request simple. If the request is simple, the other person will feel like it’s easier to help you.

C) It’s okay for them to say “no”

Make an opening for the other person to say “no.” Why? You need to honor the other person’s freedom of choice.

D) Say, “Thank you”

People like feeling appreciated. Say, “thank you” and you keep in good standing with the person. Also, be specific in how you express “thank you.” Instead of a general, “thanks for being kind” say something like: “Thank you for being so thoughtful and remembering that I get nervous before giving a speech. I really appreciate that you listened to me rehearse two days ago.”

When You Ask the God and Goddess, You Enter a Whole Different Space:

A) Specific – with “or better”

As you ask the Gods for help, try to be specific. Most importantly, express to the Gods that you are open to “this or better.” When you leave it open to “or better,” you may get pleasantly surprised. Why? The God and Goddess know you better than you know yourself. Their perspective is cosmic and expansive. The Gods can surprise you by manifesting something that is truly better.

B) What you request can be hard to accomplish 

Unlike asking a person, you can ask the Gods for things that are hard to accomplish. They are after all the Gods. They do miracles.

C) Build a relationship with a God or Goddess with offerings

Here’s a metaphor: Imagine that you go to some random person and ask them for something big. They don’t know you. They probably would not be inclined to help you.

On the other hand, the Gods want a relationship with you. In a relationship, for example, a friendship, both people offer help and gifts, receive, and express appreciation. That’s how you build a relationship.

Wiccans give offerings to the God and Goddess.

You can even donate your time to support something a particular Goddess cares about. For example, Bastet is depicted as a cross between a cat and a human. Bastet cares about cats. You could donate money, time, or items to a shelter that specializes in cats. This may be a process to create a relationship.

D) Say, “Thank you.”

Expressing “thank you” is a good start. You can also demonstrate appreciation by donating your time, money, or efforts toward a worthy cause that a particular God or Goddess cares about.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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