How Witches Endure the Unendurable

“My mother looked so small and wretched in the hospital bed,” my friend, Susan, said.
Her mother has cancer, and both mother and daughter are enduring this terrible time of life. Her mother endures pain. Susan endures the agony of wanting to relieve her mother’s pain, but she can do nothing. She holds her mother’s hand. She tells stories, and at times, her mother laughs a little bit.

So many times in life, we just hold on during what feels unendurable.

Here are three insights.

  1. Ask for the trouble to stop.

This is the natural response. We pray to the God and Goddess to stop the unendurable pain. And sometimes the answer is “not now.” That is, we must continue to endure the awful pain.

Perhaps, we must learn something. Or by going through a tough time, we’ll have something to teach another person.

God and Goddess know the reasons for what we endure.

  1. Ask for a connection to fleeting good moments.

Do you experience some moments in your day that feel good? For example, my friend, Steven, works in a retail store. Many customers are impatient and rude. Then, like a ray of sunlight, a kind customer says, “Take your time.” Steven told me that this is a “fleeting good moment.”

When you pray, consider asking the God and Goddess to help you to be fully present in the good moments of your life.

Here’s another example of a fleeting good moment. My friend Susan bought a lovely fleece blanket for her mother. Her mother smiles every time she snuggles in this blanket. That’s a good moment.

It’s important that we feel loved and grateful in a fleeting good moment.

  1. Ask for appreciating the whole picture.

Yesterday, I saw a dark cloudy sky. But the sun sent golden beams of light down from behind the dark clouds. At that moment, I asked the Gods for insight into how to endure the day. The beams of light gave me hope. I felt it was a sign that things may be dark now, but that a lighter path waits just ahead.

Here is a prayer.

Guide me to see the whole picture.
To fully immerse in the fleeting good moments.
To feel gratitude flow through my veins for my blessings.
Strengthen me to endure pain and to rise into my new path.
So Mote It Be.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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