How Witches Energize Themselves to Create Solutions and Wonders

Have you ever beat yourself up and put down your own work?

I often put myself down. I say about my artistic work: “Other people can do it better.”

My depression symptoms function like a filter.

My husband’s praise of my artistic projects often cannot get through my depression-symptoms filter.

He told me, “You make beautiful necklaces and pendants.”

“Other people can do it better,” I reply reflexively.

At this moment, I see how this drains my energy.

I have three insights for you.

  1. Focus closely on what you like.

Creating art can be an in-the-moment journey. I suggest you choose an empowering focus. I say, “Focus on what you like.”

I invite you to focus on doing your art.

This is your art. This is your moment.

For example, I’m writing this material now. Later, my editor and I will talk about adjustments to this writing. So, at this instant, I am focused on writing—that is, doing this art form.

Realize that creating something is a process.

To focus on what you like is the opposite of looking outside yourself and saying, “Other people can do it better.”

Think of the Mother Aspect of the Goddess. The Mother creates. The Mother nurtures. She is caring of Her offspring. She creates life and, with the God, creates all around us. This is part of Her true essence.

As you create something, you are an artist. We’re not talking about whether someone outside of you “likes” the art. That’s a different topic and focal point.

You are an artist.

       2. Focus on your true essence.

What is your true essence? Do you default into calling yourself something which refers to people outside of yourself? Do you say daughter/son or mother/father? Do you describe yourself in terms of your job? As many people say, “That’s not what I am. That’s what I do.”

Let’s go back to true essence. One time, my husband was asked by a possible employer: “Who are you?” My husband replied, “Creative energy.” He added details about how he writes text and marketing materials. He mentioned how he edits videos and writes for social media.

The potential employer was surprised by my husband’s comment “creative energy.”

What is the true essence of a witch? Witches like to work with the Elements.

Witches enjoy good relationships with the God and Goddess.

You are not a human being having a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

As a spiritual being, you are creative. You could say, “I am a spirit who is doing art—in this moment.”

For readers who do not do traditional artistic work (painting, writing, and more), it’s still important to realize that you are a creator. You create the moment when you hug someone. You create the moment when you listen to a friend. You create solutions to life’s daily problems. You are creative.

    3. Use a chant to create solutions and wonders.

I often write and use a chant to get to the essence of some aspect of life.

You can use this chant to energize yourself. This process can help you create your art and your life.

The Creation Chant

Thread in needle,
Paint on brush.
I focus on the deed
I’m in no rush.

Now beauty be seen,
By others and me.
Light this flame in me.
So Mote It Be.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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