How Witches Work with Energy

The night shook with the cold wind from the West. Inside the home, people I knew were waiting for me. Because I deal with depression symptoms, I have limited energy. Going to this gathering required me to ground my energy and effectively use a protective, energy shield.

I have three insights for you.

  1. Ground excess or negative energy.

Grounding yourself can change your energy instantaneously. When you do the grounding process, you can flush out bad energy. You can also release excess energy. One process is to envision that you’re taking unsettled energy and pushing it out through your feet into the ground. Such energy dissipates harmlessly. Another step is to envision pulling in energy from the Gods through the crown of your head. You fill your body with such elevating energy.

  1. Before you walk into a gathering, form your personal shield.

In a gathering, people’s energies are emanating and colliding. Often, other people’s energies can be negative, scattered, or disruptive.

When you put up a personal shield, you place a form of protection from unwanted energies. For more information on shielding, see my post here. 

  1. Define your shield properties to allow positive energy to enter.

In a gathering of friends, you likely want to let in certain loving energy. As you form your personal shield, you can direct the process by saying something like: “This shield only allows true and positive love to enter. And, all negative and disruptive energy is kept outside.”

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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