How Witches Handle Toxic People

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

“That Emily is so mean!” a friend, Alicia, said.

“How are you protecting yourself?” I asked.

This began an important conversation about dealing with toxic people.

I have three insights for you.

  1. Have a shielding routine to protect yourself from toxic people.

Having a reliable shielding routine is important. How many people are you in contact with every day? In a bus or in a car next to you. At work or school.

It is likely many of these people are upset about something. You do not want any of that toxic energy clinging to you.

Having a shielding practice can help you repel that unwanted, negative energy. For more about shielding, click here.

  1. Have a reserve of energy so you can handle situations made worse by toxic people.

I have learned that dealing with toxic people is not only about being “tough.” The point is toxic people can drain people’s energy. The solution includes a) practice shielding and b) develop your own practices that build your personal reserve of energy.

With a reserve of energy, you can think clearly and act effectively.

Every week, have your own energy renewal rituals and routines. These are prayer, rituals, and meditations. Walking in nature, exercise, and good nutrition also build up your reserve of energy. These activities restore your energy. In this way, you can have a store of energy when tough times and negative people turn up in your life.

  1. Call on the God and Goddess for wisdom and strength.

As we talked about… toxic people drain energy! So, turn to the God and Goddess for renewing your energy and for wisdom.

Here is a prayer:

Goddess of the Moon,

Grant me the wisdom to do actions that restore my energy.

Empower me and renew me so I have a reserve of energy.

When facing toxic people, may Your Love and Wisdom guide me.

May my shield ever protect me.

So Mote it Be.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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2 thoughts on “How Witches Handle Toxic People

  1. Love it
    The best way to deal with people who are toxic is to have a shielding routine and have a reserve of energy. With these things in place, you can be stronger in the face of difficult people.


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