Where Do Witches Go When There’s Nowhere to Go?

Image by Michaela from Pixabay

“That ended,” my friend Kendra said, looking down at the floor.

“What happened?” I asked.

“My friendship with Fiona ended,” she said.

She sounded so disillusioned and hurt.

Kendra and I had a long discussion about how Fiona had cut off their friendship because Fiona has major prejudices against witches.

We often turn to friends or family for support.

Where does a witch go when there is no ready support?

Here are three insights.

  1. Realize where limitations are.

The idea of being disillusioned sounds bad. And often it hurts. When Kendra lost Fiona’s friendship, Kendra was distraught. So many years and good times were gone.

Have you had this experience?

Human beings are limited, to a great extent. We hope that a friend or family member will be someone we can go to when we’re in trouble or we’re hurting bad. But often, the other person is caught up in their own turmoil. They can’t see our pain because their vision is clouded by their own pain.

They are stuck. It’s as if they have a personal mountain range surrounding them. They see nothing else. They are limited.

  1. Look to the limitless.

Who is limitless? The God and Goddess are. They are all-encompassing. They have all of time and space to give you the attention you need. For They are truly limitless. But how can you get in touch with Them? Now, you can meditate, conduct rituals, or pray.

  1. When you have nowhere to turn, face ultimate reality.

What is the ultimate reality? The Love of the God and Goddess is limitless. Humans, not so much. Humans are in their own worlds many times. As we notice, many individuals are limited to their own viewpoints and prejudices.

So where do witches go when there’s nowhere to go? They go within. They go to the inner space. Some people call it “Going to the Silence.”

You can do this through meditation. It is listening to your inner voice and the Gods.

Prayer is another way to turn to the God and Goddess.

A Prayer:

Lady of the Moon, Lord of the Sun,
Support me to feel your Love.
Give me compassion for myself and others.
Lead me to my strength, clarity, health, and wisdom.
So Mote It Be.

May these insights support your journey.

Blessed Be,

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