How Witches Lead Themselves to Spiritual Growth

“Why does this always happen to me?”

Have you asked yourself this question?

You could use an empowering question: “How does Goddess view this situation?”

Empowered witches know that positive thinking patterns can help them. They can fulfill their destiny blessed by the Gods.

Here are three insights.

  1. Make the decision once.

If you have something you want to do, set up a plan. Make the decision once.

For example, I have a morning prayer. I made the decision to do it every morning. I avoid needing the energy to make a choice every morning. I am not choosing whether to do my prayer or not. It is automatic for me to say my prayer every day.

      2. Make it a routine.

Your one decision is about setting up a routine. Just like you brush your teeth. You have a routine. You wake up, and you brush your teeth. Just before you go to bed, you brush your teeth.

It also helps to attach your new routine to something you already do.

For example, every day I sit down at my laptop computer. That’s where I do my morning prayer.

      3. Choose a second thought.

Many times, our first thought is a negative one that was programmed during childhood. Some people say, “I am not good enough.”

Instead, you can practice prayers, so you have a second thought that empowers you.

Here is a prayer.

Goddess, you know all the good that I am and all the good that I can express.
Help me shift into my best self.
So mote it be.

The above prayer is a positive second thought.
The below prayer is about asking for a positive second thought.

Lord and Lady,
Inspire me to get a second thought.
Help me act with wisdom.
To solve my woe.
So mote it be.

May these insights help you on your path.

Blessed Be,

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