How Witches Break free of the Negative Spiral

I couldn’t believe the mistake I just made. I had interrupted my friend, Sarah, as she was pouring her heart out. Our conversation went off the rails because I jumped in with my comment.

Because I have clinical depression symptoms, my brain immediately went to this question: “Why am I so stupid?” That question functions as an “Open Loop.” The Open Loop is a pattern in which a thought is not complete, and it causes distress.

Here are three insights.

  1. Beware of the “Controlling Open Loop.”

An Open Loop is something unresolved in our thinking. Perhaps, you’re like me, and you’ve thought: “Damn it! Why am I so stupid?!”

Then what happens? Your brain goes and finds an answer. Any answer. The answer may be false. But it sticks in the brain.

Then more negative thoughts rise. And you spiral down into a dark place.

  1. Beware of how authority figures use the “Controlling Open Loop” to get what they want.

Certain parents, teachers, and bosses use guilt and shame. Why? It works. The previous generation used such manipulative techniques on those individuals.

The pattern keeps going.

What is the solution? Devote compassion to yourself.

If you hear yourself say, “Why am I so stupid?” stop. Say something like: “That’s not me talking. It’s some voice from the past.”

Use Take 5. That’s a pattern of deep breathing. You breathe in deeply five times. On each inhale, tell yourself, “I breathe in Goddess’s love.” On each exhale, tell yourself, “I let go of unfair thoughts.”

  1. Ask the Gods to help you know your power.

Certain other spiritual paths want to control people. How do they do it? They label people outside their group as evil or wrong. Such groups declare that people who disagree with them will end up destroyed.

As witches, when we pause and connect with the Goddess, we know our power.

But then a “Controlling Open Loop” can strangle us with negative thoughts that deny our worth created in us by the Gods.

You can talk to the Gods through meditation or prayer.

A Prayer for Understanding

Lord and Lady,
Grant me the sight to see my true power.
Help me raise the curtain on my strength,
So, I can see my true light and conquer the Open Loop.
Let none turn me away or lead me astray with their hateful words.
Let my strength shine brightly.
So Mote It Be

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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