How Witches Align with the Energy of Water

“Be like water,” I said.
“Really? You’re quoting Bruce Lee?” my friend, Jessica, asked.

In our conversation, we noted how water flows and transforms.

I have three insights for you.

  1. Learn to Say No.

Do you have a friend who is so kind and says yes to every request? My friend, Liz, is like that. And she’s tired all the time.

I later realized an important point: When you say no, you open multiple doors to other opportunities.

When I think of water, I realize that one can guide it. How? Build a dam. Guide how the water moves. Put up a flood barrier and say, “We’ll keep the water out of this area.”

Keeping the water out is “saying no.” We do this in our daily life.

Perhaps, you decided to stay in, during high school, and study for a test.

You said no and opened up a chance to excel on the test.

We, witches, can decide to do a weekly ritual and let go of watching some TV.

Saying no to one thing means saying yes to something more important.

  1. Learn to dissolve resistance.

Water is the universal solvent. Like water, meditation can help us dissolve resistance and stress.

During meditation, you can reach out to the Gods for guidance. We can use meditation to empower us to work out problems with the Gods’ help.

Are you resisting some new change in your life?

Consider meditation as something that opens your doorway to new possibilities.

     3. Transform

If heat is applied to water, it doesn’t resist. It transforms into steam. If water gets cold, it doesn’t resist. It transforms into ice.

Are you resisting change? How is that working or not working?

I’ve learned that life is about change and growth.

We, witches, appreciate the natural flow of nature, cycles, and seasons.

What season are you in now? Is it a time of seeding, cultivating, enduring, or harvesting?

Do you long to speed up the process?

Be like water and transform when appropriate.

Life is all about transforming into something new. Even as we get older, we are transforming into what we will become—and what we need to become.

This is the reason that we study and honor the cycles of nature. The cycles of life, death, and rebirth.

Each day gives us the chance to awaken, flow like water, and experience rebirth into our transformed self.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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