How Witches Choose the Element of Fire to Accomplish Their Dreams

Over a span of five years, a great friend of mine, who is like my sister, and I would attend the Renaissance Faire in Northern California. We would immerse ourselves with the costumes, food, games, jousting, and actors. Each year we would fill up with glorious energy. This would be like oxygen and would fuel the flames of our creativity.

The Element of Fire is related to energy, passion, and daring. 

I have three insights for you.

  1. Identify what is your oxygen that feeds your fire.

Two forms of “oxygen” for me are snuggling with my cat and talking on the phone with good friends. I also have game nights with certain friends, too.  These are kindling to my fire.

What is in your life that builds up your energy? Make sure you devote time to what fuels your fire.

  1. Identify those people who extinguish your fire.

Who tears apart your hopes and dreams? Are they family members? Do you have a longtime friend who is really a toxic person in your life? It may be time to release them. Notice which people drain you. Once you have identified them, let them go. At least minimize your time with them.

It’s crucial you do this so you can accomplish your dreams and protect yourself.

  1. Invite the Gods to help you ignite and restore your fire.

Bring in the Gods to help you build your fire.

Here is a prayer so you can invite the Gods to help you.

Blessed Lord and Gracious Lady,
Help me identify those who extinguish my fire.
Guide me in protecting myself from their terrible influence.
Help me feed the glorious flame of creativity You placed within me.
So Mote to be.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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