How Witches Avoid Negative Thinking That Would Strangle Them

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

“You’re lucky. I don’t tell you all the negative thoughts that come into my mind,” I said to my husband.

“Thank you. Please tell me what you need to. Otherwise, it sounds like you’re making good decisions,” he replied.

I understand that he is there for me when I need to talk about heavy subjects. Still, he is guarding both of us from ruminating and unnecessary suffering.

By avoiding constant “spills of negativity” on him, I am guarding both of us from unnecessary suffering.

I have three insights for you.

  1. Identify the “Garbage-Thoughts.”

“Don’t believe everything you think” is an old bumper sticker slogan.

When I saw that, I thought, “That makes sense. I have so many Garbage Thoughts that invade my sanity.”

So how can you tell what is a Garbage Thought?

Does the thought empower you or strengthen you? Or does it tear you down?

A Garbage-Thought will devalue you as a human being.

Here are some Garbage-Thoughts:

  • Why are you so stupid?
  • What the hell is the matter with you?
  • You always get it wrong.
  • You can’t do anything right.

That is enough of that! You can see how terrible these thoughts are.

I realize that staying with Garbage-Thoughts can bring on depression symptoms. It has happened to me.

So, I move to the next step…

  1. Choose what you focus on.

Once you decipher that something is a Garbage-Thought, pause.

Choose to focus on something else.

Let that Garbage-Thought flow past. Like a leaf on the wind.

My friend, Sarah, starts to feel anxious on Sundays because … Monday and work are coming.

She tells herself, “Slow down.”

That is how she shifts to enjoying whatever she is doing in the moment (on Sunday).

So, this is about:

  • Pause
  • Shift
  • Make space for something positive.

Sarah tells herself, “I’m here now. I’ll watch a comedy video with my boyfriend.”

  1. Invite the Gods to cull out the Garbage-Thoughts

Asking the God and Goddess for help is not weakness. It takes great strength to ask for help whether from the Gods or even from people.

Here is a prayer you can use:

Lord of the Forests and Lady of the Moon,
Guide my thoughts to positive ones real soon.
Keep me in Your light of positivity,
Strengthen my feelings and sensitivity.
Take your blade of truth and cut away
Those pesky Garbage-Thoughts today.
My mind now made pure and whole,
Positive feelings and thoughts fill my soul.
So Mote It Be.

May these insights support your path.

Blessed Be,

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