Wiccans and Psychic and Spiritual Protection?

A reader asked me: What are some of the quickest, easiest ways for psychic & spiritual protection?

I’ll share three different methods you can use to protect yourself. (There are many possible methods of protection.)

Protection Method #1: Use a Sigil

Sigils are magickal symbols that hold an intention. You create a sigil by using the following simple process. First, write out your desire on a scratch piece of paper; you can use a single word or a phrase.

Examples of Phrases Related to Protection:

· Protect me through the night

· Protect me from energy vampires

To keep this example simple and clear, I’ll just use the word “success.” Cross off all of the repeated letters in Success. You end up with S, U, C, and E. (You want only one of each letter that appears in the word.) Next, scramble the letters, getting S, E, U, and C (for example). Now comes the fun part: Combine the letters together in an image.

Protection Method #2: Wear a Protection Necklace

Wear a necklace of hematite and amethyst. The hematite grounds you, and the amethyst turns all energy into white light.

Protection Method #3: Take a Ritual Bath

Ritual bathing can be a great way to get rid of the nasties that may cling onto your aura. Bless and consecrate your soap and shampoo. Set these aside for use only during your ritual baths.

How to make a sachet with cleansing herbs for a bath:

Use a stocking or cotton cloth, and place inside selected cleansing herbs. The total amount of all herbs will be one tablespoon.

If you use a cotton cloth, gather the corners and tie them with a string. Make sure the sachet is closed and secure. This keeps the herbs from clogging your drain.

Place your sachet in the bath water then sprinkle in some sea salt and let steep for 5 or so minutes. Then enjoy.

May these three protection methods bring you comfort.

Blessed Be,

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How You Can Feel True Security


How You Can Feel True Security

Security—what is it? Is it a home, a job, or family? If that’s security, what if these things are taken away? What then?

My friend Bob lives with his parents. He is disabled and so he can’t manage to live on his own. He also needs the support of his family to help him with day to day activities such as cooking and cleaning. To him, his living situation with his family is a place of security. However, last week he was told by his father that he had to move out. This pulled the rug of security right out from under him.

Bob was terrified.

Here’s another example: Janet has to keep her Wiccan faith a secret from her family who subscribe to another religion. One day, at a family gathering her pentacle pendent fell out of her blouse. Aghast, her mother called her father and together they yelled and drove her from the gathering. Her parents and other relatives disowned her. That was their word, disowned.

Now, Janet cries–at different times during the day. Sometimes, she flees to the restroom, when she’s at work. She used to believe that her family was her bedrock. No more.

What happens when our sense of security is taken? Where do we go? Did we really lose security?

I say security isn’t a place. It’s not a thing, and it’s not a family tie. The truth is: Things change. We can’t rely on these things for our security.

So where is security found?

True security is found in our hearts and minds. It is found in our faith, and it resides with the Gods who walk beside us everyday.

The Gods do not waver. They are constant, eternal, all encompassing.

So let’s face it. Security is not in the material. True security is in the spirit.

You can call on your true security anytime and anyplace. The great thing about being Wiccan is that you can create your temple anywhere by casting your circle.

More than that, you can recite a blessing in your own thoughts.

Here is a blessing that you can recite to yourself:

Gods to enfold me, Gods that surround me.

Be that peace and serenity for me.

 Lead me on my path, far and wide,

Traveling with me, by my side.

Never will I be alone,

Evermore you’ll be my home.

Ever safe and secure I will always be,

Never bowing defeat upon one knee.

 Lord and Gracious Lady be,

mine for all eternity.

So mote it be.

Remember your true security with the Gods.

Blessed Be,

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How to Retire Your Magickal Tools

Large Oak Tree

Large Oak Tree

How to Retire Your Magickal Tools

Have you noticed that life has different rhythms, and it calls you in new ways? Some of us find that our old magickal tools and jewelry do not feel relevant any longer.

The topic of recycling is solid in my thoughts because my sweetheart is hip deep in recycling 14 years of old stuff. Why? It’s time for him to drop the 9 x 9 storage locker in favor of a 4 x 5 one. He’s in the process of letting go of books, files, audio programs, vinyl records and more.

Unlike my sweetheart and his storage problem, a Wiccan cannot simply toss out an old magickal tool.

You need to keep the following in mind when you consider decommissioning a magickal tool. Magickal tools are very special in that they carry your energy or that of whomever used them or charged them. Further, magickal jewelry actually absorbs the wearer’s energy. Even if you stop wearing the jewelry it is still connected to you.

Here are three ways to deal with a magickal tool or piece of jewelry that you’re now primed to let go:

1) You might consider giving the tool to someone you trust. Be quite careful here. Remember the object is still connected to you.

2) Consider safely destroying the object by fire. Wiccans use fire to destroy objects made of parchment or wood. With jewelry, it helps to have access to a forge, perhaps, at a local art school.

3) Deeply bury the object under an old oak tree. At this point, give a gift (perhaps, water) to the tree and ask that it guard the item for you. Trees make excellent guards to special objects you want kept safe. Note: Bury the object under the cover of darkness to avoid being seen by strangers. While you bury the object recite these words: “I now separate myself from this object. I cut the cord that binds us. So mote it be.”

It is crucial that you conduct a form of ritual to truly separate yourself from the object.

Again, be careful about how you decommission your magical object. We need to prevent someone from unwittingly stumbling upon the item. It can be quite dangerous for those who don’t know how to use magick to come into contact with such powerful objects.

Make sure you insure your own safety and the safety of others.

You never know when a new chapter of life will call you. When that happens, you may find it necessary to decommission a magickal tool or a piece of magickal jewelry. That’s fine. Do it carefully and welcome your new chapter of life.



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Using Herbs for Magick at Midsummer (Litha)

The Herb Catnip

The Herb Catnip

Using Herbs for Magick at Midsummer (Litha)

Many Wiccans enjoy harvesting and drying herbs at Midsummer, also known as Litha. At its annual height of power, the Sun (representing the God) makes the herbs quite powerful at this time. Wiccans recognize that herbs, so empowered, are best harvested during the Litha Sabbat.

We harvest flowers and plants and hang them to dry during Litha.

Warning: Never use plants that have had pesticides and other chemicals sprayed upon them in your practice.

To collect herbs, you will use a boline, a knife with a curved blade and a white handle. Wiccans use this tool for all of their cutting, from harvesting herbs to carving symbols in candles.

To harvest a herb, cut the plant while leaving a long enough stem so you can tie it in a bundle. Then, hang the bundle upside down. In this way, the plant’s energies will be concentrated at the head of the plant, the part you are going to use.

Hang your herbs in a dry place where there is no direct sunlight—to avoid the sun leaching out the essences you’re trying to capture. Use an attic or if none is available just be sure the area you choose is dry.

Once you’re certain that the herbs are thoroughly dried you can take one of two steps. Either grind them with a mortar and pestle or package the whole leaves of the herb. Be sure to use air tight containers, made of either glass or ceramic. These materials will not contaminate your herbs with chemicals like plastic tends to.

Wiccans enjoy using the energies of herbs in their magic.

Consider expanding your use of herbs, too.

Blessed be,

Moonwater SilverClaw

The Pentagram

The Pentagram


To me, the pentagram inspires feelings of warmth, awe and joy. It stands for life–the mystery and the balance. The pentagram serves as the universal symbol of the Craft. You can find it in all occult shops and most new age stores. Wiccans tend to wear a pentagram as a pendant on a necklace, a symbol on a ring and more. But what is this symbol and what is the message it really conveys?

As a five-pointed star, the pentagram represents each element with one of its points. Many people have heard of the elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Then what is the “fifth element”? It’s Spirit. Now there’s a bit of controversy because some Wiccans would argue that Spirit is not strictly an element. Nevertheless, all five items are needed and unique.

Air is associated with thought. Thoughts move in and out of our minds just like a light breeze flows through our hair. Thoughts are the beginning of actions, likewise dawn represents the beginning of new things and Wiccans thereby associate Air with dawn. Further, Air relates to the direction East. East is where the sun comes up and begins the day.

Fire is associated with action. Besides keeping us warm it is the spark that gets us into motion. It motivates our will producing results on the physical plane. Fire is also associated with the direction South. Our ancestors (from Europe) understood that going towards the South, the lands were warmer.

Water is associated with emotion which flows through us. Every thought creates feelings. We remember grandma’s cooking and get that warm fuzzy feeling inside, or we remember that fight with our partner that made us so mad! Water is associated with the West, which is associated with crossing the River Styx and going to the land of the dead.

Earth is associated with stability and with its function as the foundation for other things. Earth keeps us stable and often represents the many mundane things that we need in life. Earth represents the physicality of our bodies and the ground we stand upon. Earth’s direction is North and it is represented by mountains, rocks, crystals and such.

Spirit is the unique element that ties the rest together. It is our spirit that the Gods have given us, which makes us alive. You cannot have life without the other four. We need air to breathe, fire to keep us warm, and water to drink. We need the physicality of our bodies (represented as Earth) to interact with our surroundings. But we cannot truly be us without spirit. What is a soul? It is a piece of the Gods that they place within all that is alive. This soul animates our Air, Fire, Water, and Earth into a living being.

Spirit is a crucial element that is too often overlooked. Because Spirit is the miracle of life itself. We are the pentacle. We are life.

Blessed Be,

Moonwater SilverClaw

The Tools of Wicca: Candles

Merry Meet. Let’s talk about candles.



From tea lights to tapers, Wiccans use candles for many purposes including: calling the four quarters, using them for spells, and lighting the sacred space.

I use tea lights for the quarter candles. What are the quarters? They’re the four compass directions in a circle. Each quarter has specific attributes and entities that dwell in a particular direction.

Each of the quarters (compass directions) has its own candle to honor the beings when we call them to our circle.

Taper Candle

Taper Candle

Consider using taper candles for the God and Goddess candles, which honor the God and Goddess.

On my altar, I use a votive candle for the working candle, which has two functions: a representation for the element fire and a source for lighting all other candles, incense or other objects that need to be burned.

Use your working candle for only one purpose. You’ll notice that all candles tend to only serve one function. Wiccans use quarter candles for the quarters. They choose one candle for the God and then use that particular candle for all subsequent rituals. The same is true for choosing a candle for the Goddess.

Wiccans use candles in spells, too. When doing candle magick, the type of candle and the color of the candle are important. We will discuss candle magick in another post.

Candles provide lighting, too. You can use any type of candle you want for this purpose.

A note on using scented candles. Use scented candles to incorporate aromatherapy into your magick, if you like. Different scents bring up powerful emotions, which is great when focusing on a particular task. Avoid using them for any other purpose.

I wouldn’t mix scents by burning multiple scented candles at the same time. They will mix, giving you unpredictable results. If you are mixing oil to scent a candle try to keep it simple at first until you become familiar with the different results you get with each scent. Then you can slowly mix scents to see what results you get. Be sure to take notes.

Blessed be,

Moonwater Silverclaw

Tools of Wicca: The Wand

Merry meet and welcome!

So far we have seen the athame, cup, water, salt, fire, and incense representing the element air. Now let’s talk about the wand.


The Wand

Wands come in just about any shape, from strait to bendy like a twisted tree branch.  People form wands out of almost anything from stone to various forms of wood–and even metal. We may wield a wand formed with a combination of these materials.

As a masculine tool, the wand functions much like the athame. But where the athame is  a forceful tool, the wand is gentler and softer in its approach. You use the wand, like the athame, to direct energy from you to a thing or place. You can direct energy to a candle, a person, and in some cases, you can cast circle with the wand. I feel the athame is a much better tool for casting circle though; it gives you much more protection than the wand.

Sometimes, Wiccans use a wand, instead of the athame, for handfasting (Wiccan marriage). Using the wand makes the circle semi-permeable, which allows small children to go through the boundary without too much disturbance to the circle itself. The wand brings a softer energy, which is nice for this type of ceremony.

In our next post we will talk about the different candles Wiccans use.

Blessed be,

Moonwater Silverclaw

The Tools of Wicca: Incense

Merry meet and welcome!

We talked about salt in the last post. Now we will talk about air.



Incense represents air when burned, and is the last of the four elements represented on our altar. We burn incense in an incense burner, which we will also talk about in this post.

There are many types of incense which we will discuss in later posts. But three main forms include raw, cones, and stick incense. You have a choice of various burners, used for burning each different type of incense. Incense has these forms:

  1. Cones – You can use a specific type of burner specifically made for cones, or you can use a generic fireproof container. Fill it with sand or small stones. Such a fireproof container can be used with all types of incense.
  1. Sticks – Sticks have specific burners, usually with a hole at one end. You can slide the bare end of the stick into the hole, while the coated end remains visible. Tending to be long in shape, these burners catch the ash of the incense as the stick burns.
  1. Raw – Raw incense usually comes as a form of resin, but not always. Myrrh and Frankincense are well-known resin incense. You need charcoal to burn resin incense, and you can pick up some at your local metaphysical shop. The charcoal usually comes in a round tube shaped package. Each piece of charcoal looks like a round pad with a indent for the raw incense. Raw incense should be burned in a fireproof bowl or a cauldron. Be sure to fill the container with sand or small stones. Then place the charcoal on top of the sand and light the charcoal. Now wait until the whole charcoal piece smolders. Then carefully drop the incense on it.

Now back to air, which is a masculine element. We combine our incense with the other masculine element, fire, to create the smoke that represents air. This incense smoke is then used to charge and bless things and people. Each element on the altar proceeds to be  blessed and combined with the sibling element. Add feminine salt with feminine water. Apply masculine fire to masculine incense to create smoke. The process is you cleans with salt and water, and you charge with fire and incense. Both are utilized at the beginning of our rituals, to help clear the mundane space to make way for sacred space.

Now we’ve completed our discussion of the elements that we use on our altar. But we are not done. There are still other tools to discuss. Next will be the wand.

Blessed be,

Moonwater Silverclaw

The Tools of Wicca: Salt

Merry Meet!

We talked about fire in my last post, today we will be talking about salt.

Salt Bowl

Salt Bowl

We use salt to represent Earth on our altars. Salt is sodium crystals, and crystals represent Earth. Therefore, Wiccans see salt as feminine.

We balance our altars with salt as Earth energy. As mentioned in a previous post, we also mix salt with water to make our holy water. Salt is a natural cleanser and preserver.

Our ancestors applied salt to cure their meat and it functioned as the first preservative people employed. (And we still use it today.) Early people didn’t understand it at the time, but salt kills a lot of bacteria we come into contact with and so it prevented meat from spoiling.

So holy water purifies because it has salt in it. We sprinkle holy water to get rid of unwanted energies and entities. We mix three pinches of salt into our blessed water to make a salt-water solution. This blessed solution is then used to bless and cleanse other things and even people.

So this is how we use salt on our altar.

In the next post we will talk about air.

I wish you a blessed day.

Blessed be,

Moonwater Silverclaw

The Tools of Wicca: The Working Candle

In the last post we talked about water and what it represents. Now we will continue with fire.

Working Candle

Working Candle (photo by Arthur)

Fire is the spark of life! As a masculine element, fire is included as the flame of the lit candle on our altar. We light this candle, known as “the working candle,” first. Then we use the working candle to light other objects such as incense or other candles. The other candles have their own specific uses, and we do not work with their flames.

In the next post we will be discussing salt. So see you next time.

Blessed be,

Moonwater Silverclaw