Wiccans and Psychic and Spiritual Protection?

A reader asked me: What are some of the quickest, easiest ways for psychic & spiritual protection?

I’ll share three different methods you can use to protect yourself. (There are many possible methods of protection.)

Protection Method #1: Use a Sigil

Sigils are magickal symbols that hold an intention. You create a sigil by using the following simple process. First, write out your desire on a scratch piece of paper; you can use a single word or a phrase.

Examples of Phrases Related to Protection:

· Protect me through the night

· Protect me from energy vampires

To keep this example simple and clear, I’ll just use the word “success.” Cross off all of the repeated letters in Success. You end up with S, U, C, and E. (You want only one of each letter that appears in the word.) Next, scramble the letters, getting S, E, U, and C (for example). Now comes the fun part: Combine the letters together in an image.

Protection Method #2: Wear a Protection Necklace

Wear a necklace of hematite and amethyst. The hematite grounds you, and the amethyst turns all energy into white light.

Protection Method #3: Take a Ritual Bath

Ritual bathing can be a great way to get rid of the nasties that may cling onto your aura. Bless and consecrate your soap and shampoo. Set these aside for use only during your ritual baths.

How to make a sachet with cleansing herbs for a bath:

Use a stocking or cotton cloth, and place inside selected cleansing herbs. The total amount of all herbs will be one tablespoon.

If you use a cotton cloth, gather the corners and tie them with a string. Make sure the sachet is closed and secure. This keeps the herbs from clogging your drain.

Place your sachet in the bath water then sprinkle in some sea salt and let steep for 5 or so minutes. Then enjoy.

May these three protection methods bring you comfort.

Blessed Be,

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