How to Retire Your Magickal Tools

Large Oak Tree

Large Oak Tree

How to Retire Your Magickal Tools

Have you noticed that life has different rhythms, and it calls you in new ways? Some of us find that our old magickal tools and jewelry do not feel relevant any longer.

The topic of recycling is solid in my thoughts because my sweetheart is hip deep in recycling 14 years of old stuff. Why? It’s time for him to drop the 9 x 9 storage locker in favor of a 4 x 5 one. He’s in the process of letting go of books, files, audio programs, vinyl records and more.

Unlike my sweetheart and his storage problem, a Wiccan cannot simply toss out an old magickal tool.

You need to keep the following in mind when you consider decommissioning a magickal tool. Magickal tools are very special in that they carry your energy or that of whomever used them or charged them. Further, magickal jewelry actually absorbs the wearer’s energy. Even if you stop wearing the jewelry it is still connected to you.

Here are three ways to deal with a magickal tool or piece of jewelry that you’re now primed to let go:

1) You might consider giving the tool to someone you trust. Be quite careful here. Remember the object is still connected to you.

2) Consider safely destroying the object by fire. Wiccans use fire to destroy objects made of parchment or wood. With jewelry, it helps to have access to a forge, perhaps, at a local art school.

3) Deeply bury the object under an old oak tree. At this point, give a gift (perhaps, water) to the tree and ask that it guard the item for you. Trees make excellent guards to special objects you want kept safe. Note: Bury the object under the cover of darkness to avoid being seen by strangers. While you bury the object recite these words: “I now separate myself from this object. I cut the cord that binds us. So mote it be.”

It is crucial that you conduct a form of ritual to truly separate yourself from the object.

Again, be careful about how you decommission your magical object. We need to prevent someone from unwittingly stumbling upon the item. It can be quite dangerous for those who don’t know how to use magick to come into contact with such powerful objects.

Make sure you insure your own safety and the safety of others.

You never know when a new chapter of life will call you. When that happens, you may find it necessary to decommission a magickal tool or a piece of magickal jewelry. That’s fine. Do it carefully and welcome your new chapter of life.



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