How You Can Feel True Security


How You Can Feel True Security

Security—what is it? Is it a home, a job, or family? If that’s security, what if these things are taken away? What then?

My friend Bob lives with his parents. He is disabled and so he can’t manage to live on his own. He also needs the support of his family to help him with day to day activities such as cooking and cleaning. To him, his living situation with his family is a place of security. However, last week he was told by his father that he had to move out. This pulled the rug of security right out from under him.

Bob was terrified.

Here’s another example: Janet has to keep her Wiccan faith a secret from her family who subscribe to another religion. One day, at a family gathering her pentacle pendent fell out of her blouse. Aghast, her mother called her father and together they yelled and drove her from the gathering. Her parents and other relatives disowned her. That was their word, disowned.

Now, Janet cries–at different times during the day. Sometimes, she flees to the restroom, when she’s at work. She used to believe that her family was her bedrock. No more.

What happens when our sense of security is taken? Where do we go? Did we really lose security?

I say security isn’t a place. It’s not a thing, and it’s not a family tie. The truth is: Things change. We can’t rely on these things for our security.

So where is security found?

True security is found in our hearts and minds. It is found in our faith, and it resides with the Gods who walk beside us everyday.

The Gods do not waver. They are constant, eternal, all encompassing.

So let’s face it. Security is not in the material. True security is in the spirit.

You can call on your true security anytime and anyplace. The great thing about being Wiccan is that you can create your temple anywhere by casting your circle.

More than that, you can recite a blessing in your own thoughts.

Here is a blessing that you can recite to yourself:

Gods to enfold me, Gods that surround me.

Be that peace and serenity for me.

 Lead me on my path, far and wide,

Traveling with me, by my side.

Never will I be alone,

Evermore you’ll be my home.

Ever safe and secure I will always be,

Never bowing defeat upon one knee.

 Lord and Gracious Lady be,

mine for all eternity.

So mote it be.

Remember your true security with the Gods.

Blessed Be,

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