The Direction West

The Direction West

The Direction West


Wiccans observe that water is the element related to the West. West and water represent our emotions including love, lust, happiness and more. Some things that represent water are fish, seaweed, and a bowl of water. Use one of these items to stand for water in the west quarter of your cast circle.

Related to our 24 hour day, West lands at dusk. At this time, things wind down. For many, the workday is done and it’s time to rest up for tomorrow. We go home to our families and review the day’s events. This is a time of reflection and relaxation.

West’s season is Fall, the time of the harvest. Soon we can relax and reflect on our blessings of the year.

Wiccans also look upon the West as the time of old age. We enjoy the time we have left. We reflect on our actions in the past. This is a time of introspection and turning inward. We now prepare to step over the threshold into the West, through the gates of death and into the Summerlands.


Blessed Be,

Moonwater SilverClaw

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