How to Do a Prosperity Spell

Money Spell
Money Spell

How to Do a Prosperity Spell

You can use this prosperity spell if you need money in a flash. Prosperity spells can be tricky. You need to be specific so you do not have undesired effects. However, you also need to be open enough in your wording to let money come to you from places and opportunities you may not have thought of yet. Here is a simple spell that fits these requirements.


Let’s talk about the wording of this spell so you can see how it works. The first line is:

Grant me wealth, and grant my wishes,

stir it with a thousand kisses.

This line states the purpose and the way you want your desire to come to you. “With a thousand kisses” means with only love. You make sure that wealth does not come with pain or trouble for anyone.

The second line states:

By the moon, and by the sun,

watch for it, cuz here it comes

This line uses the powers of the moon and the sun to help accomplish your desire.

The third line says:

It comes by night, it comes by day,

it comes to me with no shades of gray

This is an important line. The first part of the line reinforces the second’s line  “watch for it, cuz here it comes” with “It comes by night, it comes by day.” The first part of the phrase also does something else. By mentioning both night and day, the intention is that wealth arrives continually.

The phrase: “it comes to me with no shades of gray” is very important. The idea of “no shades of gray” means you wealth to come to you without any negativity associated with it. For example, you want that no one will get into an accident and leave you money.

The fourth line finishes with:

The sea goes in, the sea goes out,

now look at me, my wealth about!

This last line talks about the outcome of the spell. You affirms that you do receive wealth.

The fifth line is simple:

So mote it be!

This line activates the spell.

You can notice that this spell has the power of the five elements in it. I know it isn’t obvious. I’ll explain. The grant part in the first line comes from spirit. This refers to your need. This desire arises from your heart. Here is where the process begins.

The second line talks about the heavenly bodies in the sky which is Air. You’re placing your thought into the world.

The third line emphasizes no shades of gray or no shadows. Fire is light and it chases darkness away, banishing the shadows from your wish.

The fourth line is a declaration of manifesting wealth.

The last line “so mote it be” echoes the second line and plants the entire spell into reality. In effect, it fulfills the desire.

Now that we have discussed the spell and how it works, let’s begin. Remember to cast your circle first. If you don’t know how to do that read my how to cast circle post.

What you will need:

  • 5 candles in colors: white, yellow, red, blue and green (representing the elements).
  • Pentacle
  • Matches or lighter
  • Ritual tools

Place candles at appropriate elements on the pentacle (see diagram below) and let the candles burn completely down and out.

Pentacle Elements Spell Chart
Pentacle Elements Spell Chart



( Set up your altar and space. Then cast your circle)

Say while lighting the white candle:

Grant me wealth, and grant my wishes,

       stir it with a thousand kisses.

Light the yellow candle and say:

 By the moon, and by the sun,

       watch for it, cuz here it comes.

Light the red candle and say:

 It comes by night, it comes by day,

       it comes to me with no shades of gray.

Light the blue candle and say:

 The sea goes in, the sea goes out,

      now look at me, my wealth about!

Light the green candle and say:

 So mote it be!

(Do the Cakes and Wine Ceremony)

(Close the circle)

Blessed Be,

Moonwater SilverClaw


17 thoughts on “How to Do a Prosperity Spell

  1. Otterchild

    I’d be really interested in featuring this spell as part of a new Webcomic about being Pagan and living in the city. Would that be okay?


  2. Hi! I am new to paganism/witchcraft, and I just want to say that this is the first spell that I have every actually considered to do. Most other spells call for a lot of crazy stuff to include, or are so up in the air (lots of adlibbing) that I have no idea what to say. I will be doing this spell tonight! Thank you!


  3. Lynn Calvello-Perez

    I’m interested to hear if anyone who has ever used this Prosperity Spell, worked? How much money came into their lives? Definitely going to do this, always willing to ask the universe for help.


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