The Sacred Space Meditation



Sacred Space

When I say sacred space what comes to your mind? Are you thinking of a physical place to conduct a ritual? The good news is that you can have a sacred space that is with you always. A sanctuary for some sanity in this physical world. A unique, sacred space exists for each one of us.

So where is this space and how do we get to it?

We create our path to our sacred space via meditation. We build this space with our minds. The space exists on the astral plane.

Use the simple meditation below to create your own sacred space.

Find a quiet place where you know you will not be disturbed. You can read this meditation aloud and audio-record it.

The Sacred Space Meditation

Close your eyes.

Breathe in and out deeply . . . Relax.

Keep breathing.

Breathe out the stress of the day.

Breathe in relaxation and peace.


You are still aware of the light that is in the room.

Now the light begins to fade.

As it fades you feel total comfort. You feel safe and secure in the darkness.

(Short Pause)

Now, a new form of light blossoms. It surrounds and wraps you in its loving energy. You’re in a new place of peace and calm.

You notice a lovely smell. The aroma fills you with happiness.

What do you smell?


The second thing you notice is a sweet sound.

It is very pleasing to you.

What do you hear?


The third thing you notice, in the comforting light, is your wonderful surroundings.

Your surroundings are calming and beautiful.

Explore your new surroundings.

What do you see? What do you feel?


This is your space, your sacred space. You can come here whenever you wish. You can do whatever you wish. This is a place of serenity.


Finish up exploring your new sacred space.

Now find a nice place to sit.

You’ve enjoyed your time here in your sacred space.

Now you’re ready to return to the physical world.

It’s a gentle transition as the light begins to fade around you.

Slowly at first. It gets darker and darker.

As it fades you feel total comfort. You feel safe and secure in the darkness.

(Short Pause)

Then a familiar light returns, the light in the room where you started.

It gradually gets brighter and brighter.

You are back in the room. You have brought the calm and peace and happy feelings back with you.

Now, gently open your eyes.

You can use the above meditation to return to your sacred space whenever you wish. The

space can be used for anything you can imagine. You can meditate here; you can do ritual here.  Mostly, your sacred space is where you can release the stresses of the physical world around you.

I would love to hear your personal experiences. You can comment in the comment box below.



2 thoughts on “The Sacred Space Meditation

    • Deborah,
      Thanks for alerting me to the error in the post. The original plan was for me to record a meditation. Suddenly yesterday two friends a photographer, and a film director were available for me to have a photo shoot – because a publisher wants me to have an author photo. So I expect to record meditations in the future. I will remove the non-active link for now.

      Thanks again,


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