Problems Are Like Piñatas



Problems Are Like Piñatas

How could a problem be like a piñata? Problems seem to come out of nowhere. At times we swing at them with seemingly no effect. It can feel like we’re blindfolded.

The truth is: the Gods have hidden secret goodies inside of problems. Lessons and blessings are packed inside problems, just like candy and small gifts are inside piñatas. We just need to know that the goodies are there and how to see them.

To solve a problem, keep swinging at it. However, a problem (piñata) doesn’t stay still. And that’s akin to a problem that is hard to solve. We may have to extend a lot of effort to solve a particular problem.

Just when I think I’ll solve it, a problem evolves or moves to a different level of complexity. Just like piñatas rise or fall to different positions. The little buggers can move on you.

So how do you solve the piñata or problem? With a bat or stick, of course.

We use different tools in our lives to solve our problems. Sometimes we use magick, but many times we use mundane or ordinary actions. We can use a combination of the two. Sometimes we need the Gods’ help to swing our bat. As Wiccans we have many bats to choose from.

First, I employ mundane actions to solve a problem. If that fails, I get a different bat, magick. Since magick comes in many forms, it’s like having a bunch of bats to choose from.

You can call on the Gods for particularly tough problems. The Gods won’t solve your problems for you, but they will guide you. They help you aim your bat at your piñata. The Gods also teach us how to extract the knowledge that is within the problem.

Many swings may be necessary to solve a problem to receive the insights, blessings and lessons within. Once you solve the problem or open the piñata, you can partake of the blessings.

Sometimes we have a hard time telling which parts are the prize and which are not. When  blessings and lessons are obscured, you can ask the Gods for insights through meditation.

Some problems are packed full of blessings in disguise. Others contain just a few nuggets of wisdom. However all are valuable in our growth. I’ve noticed that the harder it is to acquire the goodies, the better they usually are. But not always.

Solving problems is how we learn throughout life. In this way, we grow into new levels of understanding. We also grow more proficient in swinging a bat.

Life comes with many piñatas. When we step into a new stage of life, a piñata gives us new challenges and gifts. In this process, we can continue stepping up our knowledge and understanding of our world and our lives.

What problems have you had in your life and what gifts were hidden inside for you to harvest?  Please share in the comments section.



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