Changing and Growing on my Path

Sacred Path

The video camera “record light” glowed red, and I asked the notable witch a powerful question: What has changed in your belief system from when you started?

This question resonated in my thoughts. When I first started my practice of Wicca, I read that the Gods were everywhere. I just went along with that but I didn’t function on the level of really knowing this.

I didn’t intend to fall into a pattern of looking upon the authors as all knowing priests, telling me what to think and how to worship. (Even if the authors did not mean to “preach,” I took their words in that way.) This is not the spirit of the Craft. If you want to be told what to do and how to do it for your spiritual path, go to certain churches, synagogues or other places of worship.

Wicca is something different. Because I lacked experience, my perception of the Craft was off. As I mentioned, the authors seemed liked preachers to me. The Craft is not a faith of listening to someone standing at a pulpit and following what they say.

But when I first started out I treated my practice of Wicca like that. I lacked the understanding and more importantly, knowing the Gods. Once I met the Gods, my understanding became a knowing in my heart what the Craft is really about.

Instead of looking outward toward Deity, which is what many of the mainstream religions do, I looked within. I found a new world to explore. Looking within, I could no longer deny that my thoughts of inferiority and self-loathing were not the truth of the Gods. Such thoughts of self-loathing were the fruit of abuse and my frightened ego.

The experience of meeting the Gods during my meditation gave me a whole new sight. This sight was of the love and compassion of the Gods. I saw myself as They see me: a creation of beauty.

The Gods communicated to me specifically that They crafted all Their children with love, respect and reverence. So much so that They put themselves into each one of us.

Since that time, I have grown with the knowing that Deity is within and throughout the world around us.

Some might suggest that this insight is a “no-brainer,” but the truth is: I really needed to learn this firsthand through interacting with the Gods.

Just reading or listening to others tell me about this insight was not enough. I needed to experience the real teaching moment for me.

Now I look within to hear the Gods and look outside me to see the signs from the Gods. I have a personalized relationship with the Goddess and God. They are my friends and confidants. They lead me and guide me through my everyday life, including crucial times of hardship.

My journey has also included starting as a solitary witch and then joining a coven.

Like many people I started by reading books. At the time, I couldn’t find a mentor and I wanted to have the right mentor. So I asked the Gods for Their help. They responded, “… when you’re ready.”

So I stayed on the solitary path for many years—reading many books and practicing the Craft as well as I could.

Finally, my first mentor arrived in my life. The Gods were right. I had finally had enough knowledge so that I was able to more fully appreciate my first mentor’s guidance.

Through my first mentor, I had my first experiences as a member of a coven. It was nice to turn to someone who had the experience I lacked. My mentor would steer me on the safest and fastest path that was right for me. All along the way I still talked to the Gods and worked with Them to tailor the lessons of my journey.

To this day, I still ask my mentors for their guidance.

Blessed Be,

Moonwater SilverClaw

P.S. I expect to continue creating video interviews of notable Wiccan elders. If you have a question that you’d like to ask me or another Wiccan elder, please place such a question in the comments section. Thank you.


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How To Walk the Wiccan Path and Deal with a Family Member’s Discomfort

Shhhhh. . .

Shhhhh. . .

How To Walk the Wiccan Path and Deal with a Family Members Discomfort  

Do your friends know you’re Wiccan? How about your family?

Do you have to keep your beliefs a secret at your workplace?

I am fairly open about my practicing Wicca.

Unfortunately, I do have a family member who suggests that I keep a low profile when I attend a work-related event with him. He works in an industry that includes people who speak out a lot about their Christianity. So I turn my talisman with a pentacle around when I’m at a work-related event with him.

Many times I have argued that this form of “hiding” impinges on my freedom as a witch.

At one point, we had one of his friends, a born-again Christian visit, and we kept the door to the room with my shrine closed.

All other times, I wear my pentacle jewelry with pride and talk openly about my beliefs.

I observe that, in America, one does business with a significant number of people who profess that they are Christian and that they hold conservative beliefs.

When I’m in a business situation with my family member, I honor his situation. I am NOT dishonoring the Gods by turning my talisman around, and I am honoring my family member’s concerns.

I am still a witch. Now if someone asks me about it, I will tell them the truth. I am a Wiccan High Priestess. I will not cower in the corner, but that hasn’t happened yet during my family member’s work-related events. I still wear my pentacle; I just do it incognito.

As a matter of fact, I always wear my pentacle. It brings me comfort, and I feel it gives me protection.

Those individuals who are Anti-Wiccan appear to be ignorant (definition: lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated in the subject at hand) about Wicca.

It bothers me when a person chooses not to learn, then the situation may become dangerous. When does the price of silence become too much to bear?

At present, we’re at a junction.

First, it is a blessing that many of our predecessors have hacked a path in the wilderness of fear and ignorance that other people have about Wicca. When a significant number of Wiccans openly express the beauty of Wicca, more people in this world start to appreciate who we Wiccans really are.

Fostering this appreciation is one of the reasons that I write this blog.

At this time, I have found my own path. I stand ready to share Wicca with others. And still at my family member’s work-related event, I do not broadcast my beliefs (I keep my talisman turned around).

As I continue to write this blog and my books, I’m encouraged to see other Wiccans continuing to have a positive influence in the world. May we all continue to express the beauty of Wicca.

Now, I invite you to share with us. Have you faced opposition in some form of conservative community? How do you deal with the situation?


Moonwater SilverClaw

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Why Do Bad Things Happen?



I can’t breathe. I’m in the Emergency Room area, waiting. But they’re not taking me in. They’re leaving me in the waiting room.

That’s how I felt a few days ago. It was my second time in the hospital in 24 hours. There’s no other word for it: suffering. I felt a big weight on my chest, preventing me from taking in an adequate breath.

In my suffering, some thoughts rose up. Why are the Gods letting this happen to me? Haven’t I been serving Their plan well enough?

Can you relate to this? Perhaps, you’re suffering now. Or you’ve suffered in the recent past. It’s hard to reconcile a vision of the Gods’ love for us with the suffering we endure.

There’s a secret that I want to share with you. The Gods do love us. And in this divine love they know that we’ve signed up for a life in which we grow. The tough truth is: suffering is part of our path of learning and becoming who we truly are.

Suffering forms us and sculpts us through the experiences we go through, both good and bad.

You may say: “I didn’t ask for this.

You’re right.

But you do want something—the freedom to become what you can become. We incarnate in bodies that can manifest, at times, as fragile. Difficult times will happen. How we participate in life (including suffering) shapes us.

For example, I don’t want to experience pain related to clinical depression, but that’s something I deal with. This process gives me a whole different viewpoint.

In recent days, I’m dealing with a whole new, terrible burden: extreme asthma. When I can’t breathe, I feel like I’m dying. That gives me a different perspective.

I’ll tell one gift that comes with both clinical depression and extreme asthma: compassion. I feel great compassion for people who have these burdens–and other people who have heavy burdens.

As Wiccans, we do have an advantage when dealing with suffering. Our faith can sustain us. We can know that the Gods are present to support us as we travel our path, especially when we’re suffering.

Call upon the Gods. Do ritual. Feel your divine connection.

The Gods are rooting for you. They are here to help guide you through these events. They support you in your times of need. They celebrate in your times of triumph.

Just remember the Gods are here for you and are always by your side. Even when you don’t see it.

They are our cheerleaders and our coaches in life. They teach by example and with love.

Now I ask you: What have you learned through times of suffering? How can you call upon the Gods for Their divine support? (Please share in the comments section.)


Moonwater SilverClaw

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Problems Are Like Piñatas



Problems Are Like Piñatas

How could a problem be like a piñata? Problems seem to come out of nowhere. At times we swing at them with seemingly no effect. It can feel like we’re blindfolded.

The truth is: the Gods have hidden secret goodies inside of problems. Lessons and blessings are packed inside problems, just like candy and small gifts are inside piñatas. We just need to know that the goodies are there and how to see them.

To solve a problem, keep swinging at it. However, a problem (piñata) doesn’t stay still. And that’s akin to a problem that is hard to solve. We may have to extend a lot of effort to solve a particular problem.

Just when I think I’ll solve it, a problem evolves or moves to a different level of complexity. Just like piñatas rise or fall to different positions. The little buggers can move on you.

So how do you solve the piñata or problem? With a bat or stick, of course.

We use different tools in our lives to solve our problems. Sometimes we use magick, but many times we use mundane or ordinary actions. We can use a combination of the two. Sometimes we need the Gods’ help to swing our bat. As Wiccans we have many bats to choose from.

First, I employ mundane actions to solve a problem. If that fails, I get a different bat, magick. Since magick comes in many forms, it’s like having a bunch of bats to choose from.

You can call on the Gods for particularly tough problems. The Gods won’t solve your problems for you, but they will guide you. They help you aim your bat at your piñata. The Gods also teach us how to extract the knowledge that is within the problem.

Many swings may be necessary to solve a problem to receive the insights, blessings and lessons within. Once you solve the problem or open the piñata, you can partake of the blessings.

Sometimes we have a hard time telling which parts are the prize and which are not. When  blessings and lessons are obscured, you can ask the Gods for insights through meditation.

Some problems are packed full of blessings in disguise. Others contain just a few nuggets of wisdom. However all are valuable in our growth. I’ve noticed that the harder it is to acquire the goodies, the better they usually are. But not always.

Solving problems is how we learn throughout life. In this way, we grow into new levels of understanding. We also grow more proficient in swinging a bat.

Life comes with many piñatas. When we step into a new stage of life, a piñata gives us new challenges and gifts. In this process, we can continue stepping up our knowledge and understanding of our world and our lives.

What problems have you had in your life and what gifts were hidden inside for you to harvest?  Please share in the comments section.



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Find New Ways to Celebrate


Tend to Your Roses

Find New Ways to Celebrate

Want to feel better?

On Monday September 23rd, I was reminded of the importance of celebrating small victories.

Life is meant to be celebrated.

In the days before September 23rd, I was running frantically with so much to do: Getting ready for my upcoming Oct. 19th workshop (in California) and getting my first workbook completed and then available for people to purchase online (available here). I was tired.

I took a belly-flop on the couch. I expected my sweetheart to offer me at least a score of “9.2” for my maneuver.

Instead, he asked, “How are we going to celebrate?” It had been months of work on my workbook with my sweetheart editing portions of the book daily.

Celebrate? I was exhausted and I could only think of the rehearsals for my workshop and other projects with deadlines.

Still, he was right (Don’t tell him.) It’s important to pause and celebrate a little success.

Along the same lines, my sweetie writes in his daily gratitude journal–that’s where you note what you’re grateful for. Perhaps, you had a good phone call with a friend. Maybe you took a walk for exercise. He writes in his gratitude journal just before he goes to sleep each night.

It’s so easy to forget the blessings in our lives. They happen everyday. Some may be small but they are there. However, many of us only remember the things that troubled us during the day.

It’s like a stubbed toe that screams pay attention. But we miss acknowledging all the other toes that are just fine. We concentrate on that which gives us pain.

But what about the joys in our day? The cat that purrs with affection as you caress it; your partner smiles in the morning; and you hear your favorite song on the radio. How about when your loved one makes your favorite meal?

I invite you to push forward the joys and blessing of your day. Pause. Pay attention. Push the “stubbed toe” into the background.

How do we push the joys and blessings forward? Write in your gratitude journal. Then you’ll think about your day in a different way. Sometimes, I think of a day as glancing out the window and seeing two things: a pile of garbage next to a glorious rose. When you write in your gratitude journal, you’re looking at the rose.

When I write down the “roses” of my day, I’m always surprised about how many actually occurred.

How about you? How many positive things are in your life right now? You’re reading this, so your eyes are working. You’re breathing. You’re probably looking forward to something even, perhaps, a favorite TV show.

I find that consciously choosing to look at the “roses” of life helps me focus on the beauty and joy that I experience. Soon after I started this writing in my gratitude journal, I realized that I didn’t just have one rose, I really had a rose garden.

Now, you can take this a step further. In addition to remembering the roses of your life, show your gratitude. Do a simple ritual at the end of your day. After noting my blessings in my gratitude journal, I take a candle and offer it as thanks to the Gods for the blessings I enjoyed.

Tea light candles work great for this. They are small and don’t take too long to burn. This way you don’t have a candle burning when no one is around. (Never leave a burning candle unattended.)

This candle is a small gesture to the Gods in thanks for all the blessings they provide. Since starting this ritual, I have noticed even more blessings occurring in my life.

The nice thing about this ritual is that it doesn’t take much time and it doesn’t require a big fanfare. As long as your ritual is heartfelt and sincere the Gods will be pleased.

If you live with someone who isn’t Wiccan, lighting a candle in not a big inconvenience. Simply let them know that this is a positive part of your daily life.

This ritual is a great way to say “I noticed” and “thanks” to the Gods. They will appreciate it. This ritual also helps you be happier and healthier.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you do something like this or if you have a different way to honor the blessings in your life. I’d love to hear your perspective. Thanks.



It’s Our One Year Anniversery! Learning Self Love

Got Hope?

Got Hope?

It’s Our 1 Year Anniversary!


Today is The Hidden Children of the Goddess’s one year anniversary. Hooray! To celebrate, I will give you a free excerpt of the new book. Email me at AskAWitchNow @ for a small excerpt of my upcoming new workbook from my new workshop: Beyond the Law of Attraction to Real Magick.

Today’s post is on one of the most important things the Gods have taught me. Learning Self-Love. If we don’t have self-love we can’t have hope for ourselves and for others.

Learning Self-Love

How do you feel? Do feel good about yourself and how your life is going? In our society, many of us struggle with the concept of self-love. Some people even confuse self-love with being self-centered.

Self-love is about taking care of yourself and making sure that you are strong. Without self-love you can’t manifest your desires.

I did not start with self-love. Due to my brother’s physical abuse and my parents’ neglect, I felt worthless. Fortunately, the Gods changed my perspective on myself for the better.

Through reflective meditation, the Gods helped me understand how skewed my perception of myself really was. This was a key turning point for me.

One thing you always hear about are affirmations, but for many of us these just don’t work.

First, let’s cover what an affirmation is. It’s a personal, positive statement. It can be as simple as “I feel terrific” or “I make a lot of money.”

For many, the above statements don’t work. Why?

A number of people have told, “It just sounds like I’m lying to myself.”

Like myself, many people’s inner self-beliefs interfere with these positive statements. For an example, if I used the affirmation “I am thin, ” my brain would object with “No, I’m not. Look in the mirror”. It’s not true. No matter how hard you try to pound that new idea into your brain, your brain pounds just as hard back.

So how did the Gods help me deal with this problem? They inspired me to create a Self-Love Meditation.

So instead of the uphill battle of an affirmation, we’ll use the Self-Love Meditation to work with the situation.

[You can work with this meditation by audio recording it in your own voice and then play it back. Or you invite a friend to read this section to you.]

Self-Love Meditation

Close your eyes.

Breathe in and out deeply . . . Relax.

Keep breathing.

Breathe out the stress of the day.

Breathe in relaxation and peace.


You are still aware of the light that is in the room.

Now the light begins to fade.

As it fades you feel total comfort. You feel safe and secure in the darkness.

(Short Pause)

Now, a new form of light blossoms. It surrounds and wraps you in its loving energy. This light is the light of the Gods.

It is a light of love and compassion. Take it in.

As you take this light and understanding in, you can now see with the Gods’ eyes.

You can now see yourself as they see you, pure, beautiful, whole. You are a masterpiece of their creation. You were made with love, and you are a manifestation of their love. You are love.

This understanding fills you.


With this new understanding you are now ready to return to the physical world.

You know that even though you may leave the light at this time it is never truly gone.

It’s a gentle transition as the light begins to fade around you.

Slowly at first. It gets darker and darker.

As it fades you feel total comfort. You feel safe and secure in the darkness.

(Short Pause)

Then a familiar light returns, the light in the room where you started.

It gradually gets brighter and brighter.

You are back in the room. You have brought the calm and peace and happy feelings back with you.

Now, gently open your eyes.

You can do this meditation as often as you need to. It may not take at first, but keep trying. Eventually the Gods’ light will shine within you.

I keep this light within me at all times. Sometimes it’s hard to see it, but it is always there. With self-love we can manifest anything we wish. From the foundation of self-love, we have the energy and personal peace from which we can help others on their path.

I would love to hear about your experience with this meditation. You can leave a comment in the comment box below.

Blessed Be,

Moonwater SilverClaw

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Exciting News – Moonwater’s First Workshop plus today’s blog post “The Freedom of Wicca”

Real Magick Workshop

Real Magick Workshop

Exciting News   Moonwater’s First Workshop

(and Today’s blog post: “The Freedom of Wicca”)

I have been planning this for a while, and I just can’t hold it in any longer. I will be offering my first workshop on October 19th. I am very excited to now be able to offer you workshops. (For nearly a decade I have been a guest speaker in college classes).

The title of the workshop is Beyond the Law of Attraction to Real Magick.

One focuspoint for the workshop is that a number of people got excited when they first heard of the Law of Attraction–a process of manifesting your desires in your life. But then they became gravely disappointed.

I’m offering the insight that such disappointments are due to missing pieces of the manifesting process. I have found many of us have blockages in life. These blockages stop us from accomplishing our true heartfelt desires.

I have had to face such blockages, too. The good news that in the Workshop we will address the blockages that cause our magick to fail. We’ll use meditation and other processes during the workshop. It is truly a hands-on approach.

In this workshop we will be focusing on prosperity magick. However, this workshop can be used to unblock anything you may have that is hindering your magick from coming to full fruition. This workshop is three hours long (3pm to 6pm on October 19th) and will be held in San Jose, California, USA.

An opportunity for early registration:

  • Early Registration (August 11th – September 9th) is only $19.95
  • Regular Registration (September 10th – October 18th) $29.95
  • At the Door (If seating is still available) $35.00

Do not hesitate. This is an intimate setting with at most only 19 seats available.

If you are interested in going to the workshop please contact me now at:

And I will be happy to help you reserve your space for this workshop.

This is an exclusive event, so spaces are limited, please register early. I can’t wait to see you all.

I am looking forward to meeting you, and I will also be offering my followers a special discount. Email me with the code XC7T3 and I will email you a coupon for free admission for your guest.

Today’s Blog Post: “The Freedom of Wicca”

Choosing the Wiccan path is choosing freedom. Why? Here are a number details that reveal various levels of freedom.

Wiccans can choose who they practice with. I don’t just mean the people next to you, but you also get to choose which Gods you worship. Wiccans can choose the Egyptian pantheon of Gods or not! If Osiris isn’t the God for you, pick another deity. This is very important to us as Wiccans. Most Wiccans have enjoyed choosing a particular patron deity. This is a personal decision. I have Cernunnos as mine. Worshiping your Gods is much more important that worshiping someone else’s. You’re not boxed into following what someone else believes. No one tells us who we can and can’t worship. It’s one of the main freedoms that I cherish the most.

We are the captains of our own “ships of belief.” In other religions one must conform to what the leaders tell you to believe and what they tell you to do. Some religions enforce that people gather on certain days of the week and must hear a certain person give a speech. On the other hand, Wiccans can choose which rituals they perform and when. They can choose to celebrate a ritual as a solitary practitioner or they can join a coven.

We all have our own paths to walk with the freedom to walk with or without certain companions. Sometimes we follow someone else’s footsteps for a while, so we may learn the Craft. Then, we have the freedom to move on. Each of us is on an individual path. Sometimes our path lines up with someone else’s path. This is great because you can travel together and learn from one another. Then, when you heart tells you, you are free to separate and continue on your own path in a different direction.

Wicca does not force you to stay in life-long relationships. Wicca emphasizes “as long as love shall last” so one is not forced to remain married. Your individual path is respected.

Wicca does not force practitioners to practice intolerance. For example, a number of religions tell their practitioners that gays are an abomination and a Higher Power will punish them. Instead, Wiccans love all representations of the Gods. No one is an abomination because of the way they were born. We were made the way we are by the Gods on purpose, and they made each and everyone of us with great love and care. Black, white, gay, straight, we are all beautiful the way we are. To hate those differences is to hate the Gods’ work.

As Wiccans we have the freedom to practice what and how we want. We have the freedom to practice when and with whom we want. There are no strings attached. There is nothing to bind our hands and feet when it comes to our own personal practice. Wicca is full of the freedom to choose. We can see it in our practices. No wonder Wicca is one of the fastest growing faiths in the world.


Moonwater SilverClaw

How to Release Yourself from Self-Judgment

Writing the Book

Writing the Book

How to Release Yourself from Self-Judgment

I never expected to be a writer, but the Gods visited me in a dream. I have dyslexia: Writing was the furthest thing from my imagination. In fact, my degrees are in art and web/graphic design.

But the Gods gave me a task: Write a book for beginners of the Craft that is straightforward and easy to read.

When I awoke, I felt excited but scared about how I could possibly accomplish this book-writing task. I knew the demands of writing a book because I have close friends who are writers.

How could I possibly write enough to fill a whole book?! It was agony to merely read the first book in the Harry Potter series due to my dyslexia.

I started to compare myself to other writers by thinking “I’m not a Scott Cunningham or a Starhawk. What am I to do?

I kept thinking about all the other writers of books I had slowly read. Their books were so good. I couldn’t match that. The anxiety grabbed me in the chest and I had trouble breathing.

But I strongly believe in the Gods. I know the Gods would not set me up to fail. They love me, and if they say I can do it, I can.

The hardest part for me wasn’t the task itself, but the constant comparing that I did, placing myself against other writers.

With all of my misspellings, I took blows to my self-esteem each day. My mind raced with negative thoughts of no one will care about what I have to say; no will read it, and this will never help anyone.

With all this negativity in my mind, it’s a miracle I got anything done.

But I stopped and used many of the techniques I discussed in my last post “The Quick Mood Pick-me-up for Wiccans“.

I slowly began to realize something. I cannot compare myself to anyone else. Why? The book I’m writing is a snapshot in time of me. It’s about my truth. No one can write it for me.

I was so busy comparing myself to others when in reality there is no comparison. There can’t be. I am me, no one else, and all those racing thoughts were not true.

  • Someone will read my book (my editors, for example)
  • People will be able to easily read it because my editors will smooth out any rough sections (I love my editors!)
  • Someone cares about what I have to say (that someone is me!)
  • My book has already helped someone, me.

My book taught me a valuable lesson: Don’t judge or compare yourself to others.

We all have gifts, different levels of ability. These combinations make us unique and strong. No one else has our particular knowledge and unique set of talents, and this makes each of us special.

Comparing my special to your special cannot be done. It’s like comparing strawberries and octopi. Because our experiences in life are all slightly or dramatically different (as in different cultures). You just can’t compare the two. They are not the same.

All I need to do is remember strawberries and octopi.

You’re special. Drop comparing yourself to others.

Bring your own special gifts to bear.

The Gods love you and enjoy when you express your creativity.



Wicca Supports Warm, Loving Marriages

Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage

Wicca Supports Warm, Loving Marriages

Wiccans use the phrase “As long as love shall last” in their marriage ceremonies called handfastings. What does this mean? Let’s look at a definition of love. Webster’s Dictionary defines love as something that “suggests very great fondness or deep devotion for someone or some thing.”

I will go a step further and describe love as a commitment to the well-being of another person. We can be temporarily angry with a loved one but still retain a full commitment to his or her well-being.

Love remains the reason we get married in the first place. Wiccans do two things. They celebrate the value of love and they hold the realistic idea that it sometimes does not last in some relationships.

Some mainstream religions push the idea that marriage is always “until death do you part.” This bothers me. Is a loveless marriage helpful? For anyone? What does it say to children? Your mother and I hate each other, you get to have such a bitter relationship, too.

The religions who push marriage regardless of love keep saying “a commitment to the institution of marriage.” The institution is more important than the people? (Personally I try to stay out of institutions.)

Wiccans believe you stay together (are married) as long as love shall last. It can last for a year or perhaps a lifetime and beyond. You are not shackled to a person merely because someone or some institution said so.

No one should be made to stay in a loveless relationship. It can only harm the participants. As with all relationships, a marriage is here to teach us lessons in life. If we have learned all we need to (spiritually, that is) from a particular relationship, it is likely that it is time to transform the relationship. You could remain friends, for example. Otherwise, we may be stunting our spiritual growth. Let’s face it. Sometimes, we literally need to move on and away from a person. Think of it. Are all of your childhood friends still your best friends?

This is one reason we add as long as love shall last to our handfastings.

Blessed Be,

Moonwater SilverClaw

What Makes People Believe?

What Makes People Believe?

What Makes People Believe?

What Makes People Believe?

Different people accept different things as proof. For example, some of us say, “I won’t believe it until I read reports that provide empirical proof.”

Others need to feel the energy to know it’s true. Some people search for a “cause and effect.”

A few report that they have talked to entities around them and have actually heard answers, and that is the basis of what they know is true.

I know my Gods are true because I can both feel them and see the effects they make on the world around me. I feel Their emotions; I know deep down that they love me.

Recently, at a conference I noticed someone’s badge fell to the floor. The person walked on and I strode up and returned the badge. I could feel how this pleased the Gods. And my intuition told me that the Gods inspired the person to thank me by buying me a drink.

I also feel that the Three Fold Law went into immediate effect and I received something nice in return.

To me this is proof that the Gods and the Three Fold Law are real. To another this might seem to be merely coincidence.

I feel and see things happen around me; therefore I know.

How do you know? Are you a Feeler, a Seer or a Hearer?

Perhaps, you’re a combination like me.

What are your criteria for knowing the truth about the Gods?

I invite you to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments box below.

Blessed Be,