How You Can Use Something Better Than an Affirmation



How You Can Use Something Better Than an Affirmation


What do you want? Have you tried to coach yourself to change your own behavior?

Some people attempt to push themselves with statements like: “I’m a thin person.”

Well, I’ll tell you the truth. When I tell myself, “I’m a thin person,” my brain yells at me: “Oh, yeah! Look in the mirror!”

The phrase “I’m a thin person” is called an affirmation. In essence, a person tries to “affirm” something that currently is not true.

No wonder so many people say, “Affirmations don’t work for me.”

This bothered me so I came up with some new ideas before I gave my recent workshop on October 19th. The tool I created is a Pattern-Affirmation. (In discussion with my friend Tom Marcoux, he gave me two labels “Pattern-Affirmation” and “Wish-Affirmation” to add to my thoughts).

In essence, a Wish-Affirmation is truly a standard affirmation that people try to use, often with disappointing results.

A Wish-Affirmation is: “I’m a thin person.”

On the other hand, a “Pattern-Affirmation” is: “I eat like a 130 lbs. person.” Or better yet “I have a lifestyle of a 130 lbs. person.”

Do you see the distinction?

A Wish-Affirmation is something you aspire to.

Instead, a Pattern-Affirmation is something that can be true right away. You can exhibit a different behavior now. Your very next action can contribute to your healthy lifestyle.

You can even apply the Pattern-Affirmation process to having financial abundance.

For example, a Wish-Affirmation could be “I am wealthy.” On the other hand, a Pattern-Affirmation could be: “I’m careful with my personal budget like a prosperous person.”

Now, I’ll share a helpful process.

The Pattern-Affirmation Ritual

Here are the steps:

  1. Gather a Seven Day Candle and a Circle Script
  2. Pick your Pattern-Affirmation
  3. Do the Pattern-Affirmation ritual.
  4. Do Cakes and Wine
  5. Close your circle

The process is as follows:

First, be sure to pick a suitable Pattern-Affirmation. Remember, it needs to address a pattern of behavior you want to instill.

Here are examples:

  • I eat like a 130 lbs. person
  • I study one hour a day like a good student.
  •  I listen to my daughter’s thoughts and feelings like a good father.

Now, when you begin your ritual, cast circle.

Cleanse and consecrate your candle. Sit and hold your candle and meditate on your Pattern-Affirmation for five minutes or more.

Take the candle and place it on your altar. Say aloud your Pattern-Affirmation as you light the candle. Visualize that you’re guiding energy into the candle.

(Repeat the following process for seven days in a row:

Let the Seven Day Candle burn one knob per day. Each day, repeat the above process of meditating on your Pattern-Affirmation for five minutes or more.)

On the first day, after the first knob has burned down, do Cakes and Wine and then close the circle. Repeat the candle-lighting and knob-burning down for six more days.

Using this new tool of a Pattern-Affirmation Ritual, we will grow in new and exciting ways.

If you try the Pattern-Affirmation Ritual, please let me know about your results. Thanks!



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