Beware The Fluffy Bunny!


Beware The Fluffy Bunny!

What is a Fluffy Bunny Pagan?

Patti Wigington defines a “Fluffy Bunny” as: “In general, ‘fluffy bunny,’ or ‘fluffbunny,’ is a derogatory term used to apply to members of the Pagan community who (1) insist that they know everything they need to know, (2) often make blanket statements about what ‘real Pagans’ do and don’t do, and (3) flat-out refuse to acknowledge that people who think differently from them can be Pagan, too.”

If someone thinks they know everything they need to know, they can make serious mistakes. Such arrogance can lead to physical danger. For example, I once read a book that talked about grinding certain stones, putting them in water and drinking the water. Do NOT do this! The rocks may contain traces of harmful compounds like arsenic or other poisonous substances.

Further, grinding stones with a high silicon composition is like grinding up glass. Drinking such a solution will turn your insides into hamburger. Again, don’t do it!

Watch out about herbs, too. Avoid just taking the advice of one book. Check in with an elder or mentor (or two or three). Do NOT experiment on yourself!

By definition, Fluffy Bunnies aren’t doing research. They can fall into believing mixed up notions. For example, Wicca is NOT the TV show Charmed.

The truth is: Wicca and Paganism have a real history throughout time. It’s valuable to study such history and avoid being misguided by something created merely for entertainment. I have heard a number of people saying that Fluffy Bunnies have a bad reputation for talking about things in an “everything is butterflies and unicorns” manner.

Fluffy Bunnies, as Patti noted, often make blanket statements about what “real Pagans” do and don’t do.

I note that sometimes Wicca and Paganism appear like herding cats. Everyone has their own ideas of what is the right way. I am Gardnerian, a British tradition. Does that make someone in the Feri tradition wrong? No.

Here’s a way to view the situation. Let’s say you have a potato. Every tradition cooks the potato differently. One may dice the potato, fry it and enjoy fries. Others mash the potato. Still, others may bake the potato and leave it whole. Does this mean that one is better than the others? No. The people all cooked the potato.

The outcome was the same, just the preparation was different.

Now, one might say that Fluffy Bunnies are merely cooking the potato in their own way. Fair enough. However, with this article, I’ve pointed out some details that we, as Wiccans, need to view with great care.

How about being a Learned Wiccan or Pagan?

Sounds good to me.

Blessed Be,


5 thoughts on “Beware The Fluffy Bunny!

  1. I really find I get offended by these, as I feel they are more “dabblers” than actual practitioners, and we all know how well dabbling works in any kind of old craft. I had one tell me the other day, that they had the right to affect free will for the good of someone. Personally, I think this is worse than a hex or curse, as it’s affecting the free will of another, and shouldn’t be done, but what do I know right? I’ve only practiced for 20 plus years, before there was ever much grand popularity of such things. Anyway, I really like this one as it hit points I myself have been considering and pondering much lately. Thank you.


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