The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge

I focused the video camera on the Golden Gate Bridge. I was filming some footage for my upcoming video program. After I got the shot, my friend turned to me and asked, “You mentioned that this video is to help people avoid mistakes when doing magick. What was a mistake that you did?”

This started me thinking. Actually, it was the fear of making mistakes that prevented me from doing a lot while I was a solitary practitioner. I avoided spell-work because I was afraid of doing something wrong.

A number of times, I could have asked for help from the Gods, but I was afraid of doing a full spell because I was not sure about all of the proper details of casting a circle, conducting a ritual and closing the circle.

In a way, I’m glad that I hesitated. One of the big mistakes that people make is improperly closing a circle or not even closing a circle.

I replied to my friend. “My big hope with my video program is to function like a mentor to the viewers. My own mentor has saved me from making a number of mistakes. And because of that, I’ve done many rituals with confidence that I was doing the proper tasks in the correct order.”

So now, as I’m getting closer to completing my video program, I want to ask you for a favor, dear reader: What are two burning questions that you have about avoiding mistakes in your meditations and your magick work? Please post in the comments section.

Thank you!


Moonwater SilverClaw


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11 thoughts on “Mentoring

  1. I am not afraid of making mistakes. I am afraid to do anything beyond prayer, chant and meditation because I don’t know what I am doing or even how to really start.


  2. I sort of have the same questions as u did. first of all, how did u find a good mentor? 2end, Im afraid of making mistakes and also avoid spell work, how do u know if you make mistakes? Glad I followed your blog!


    • Lustieb,
      First, about finding a good mentor: this is such an important question that you have inspired me to write my next blog about this topic.

      Here I’ll start with two details:
      1. Observe carefully that the potential mentor is both knowledgeable and NOT burdened with a “twisted ego.”
      Avoid people who do not align themselves with the Wiccan Rede “An it harm none.”
      Avoid people who seek to manipulate others.

      2. Get important references.
      For example, I am a high priestess recognized by the Covenant of the Goddess (COG), an international organization of cooperating, autonomous Witchcraft congregations and individual practitioners.

      To join COG, one must be nominated and “checked out.”
      So many people find that it helps to connect with COG and ask for a referral.

      * * *

      Lustieb, about your second question “how do u know if you make mistakes?”

      You can observe that you’ve made a mistake with three things:

      1. Simply said, you feel bad in some way.
      2. You do not get the results you hoped for.
      3. You get results that are opposite of what you hoped for. For example, in my third book (that I’m currently completing), I report the true story of a young woman who wanted a lover. Unfortunately, she made mistakes with her love spell and instead, she created someone obsessed with her. This guy would follow her to the gym, home and work! She created her own stalker!

      This means that one should study reliable resources to avoid making mistakes.

      Blessed be,


  3. There are so many questions to ask but, I guess my main questions are…
    What exactly is the wrong way to do this? This ofcourse being anything within the religion (I know its vague but I’m sure others ask themselves this) and also….What paths are good for me? (again vague but possibly good for others to ask themselves aswell as others)


    • Bernadette,
      About your first question: “What exactly is the wrong way to do this (anything within the religion)?”

      The first things to avoid are:

      1) Doing a spell that is purely manipulative and may cause harm to someone else. (Such an action will yield 3 times the harm coming back upon the spellcaster.)
      2) Working with a dark, manipulative person as your guide. There are just a few individuals who teach magick in a way that hurts people. Also avoid anyone who is trying to coerce you into having sex.
      3) Be careful about how to cast a circle and then close a circle. Incomplete and improper actions can make you vulnerable to disembodied entities who may be “in the area” and may cause trouble for you and your life.

      This is a start about the things which one should watch out for. In fact, I’m recently filming sections of my video program about such concerns and how to do rituals properly.

      Now, about your question “What paths are good for me?” I would suggest the book, Which Witch Is Which?: A Concise Guide to Wiccan and Neo-Pagan Paths and Traditions Paperback – November 1, 2004
      by Patricia J. Telesco

      This book has been helpful to a number of people.

      Blessed Be,


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