The Importance of Mentoring and the Experience

The Altar

I placed the bowl of salt on the altar and then, gently, my mentor moved my hand to the left. Just then, I had the instinctive feeling that the bowl of salt was now in the right place.

I’ve found that having a mentor brings out an aspect of Wicca that one cannot find in a book.

Imagine trying to learn to swim without getting in the water.

Similarly, did you learn to ride a bicycle with no one next you? Learning to ride a bicycle is a good metaphor related to rising to higher levels of Wiccan practice.

You could read a book about a bicycle or watch other people riding bicycles, but that is not the same as having a mentor guide you.

When my dad taught me to ride a bicycle, he was there offering advice and helping me right the bicycle when I took a couple of spills.

Wicca is an experiential process. A mentor can guide you in a progression of experiences so that you learn at a good pace and have successful experiences along the way.

The idea of being a mentor means so much to me that I’m now completing a video in which I talk directly with the viewer and show the process of a number of meditations. I provide guided meditations—this is a prime example of when a mentor can provide an experience to help the viewer go deeper in his or her practice.

Consider ways to bring a mentor or mentors into your journey.

You’ll make progress faster and enjoy the journey more.


Moonwater SilverClaw


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