Finding the Right Wiccan Mentor for You.




Finding the Right Wiccan Mentor for You

The log of wood crackled as the campfire glowed. I stretched my feet, warming them near the fire, and I recalled a question raised by someone who commented on one of my blog posts. She asked about how to find a good mentor.

So I wanted to share with you the following List to Help You Find a Good Mentor.

If you’re just beginning on your Wiccan path, you may experience the difficulty in finding the right Wiccan mentor for you.

The good news is: When you find the right mentor, magick happens!

So here are some essential questions to ask yourself as you seek a great mentor for you.

  • Are you safe?

Safety is the most important detail here. If you don’t feel safe or you don’t trust the person who will be mentoring you, then it’s likely a bad situation. Listen to both your mind and your intuition. Do not take unnecessary risks. Leave or avoid the person. Safety first.

  • Do you two get along well?

The mentor-student relationship is a special one. Feeling good and connected to a mentor helps in the learning process.

  • Does the person abide by the Wiccan Rede?

If the person does not live according to “An it harm none,” you cannot trust that he or she will be good to you, too. Hurting others is simply wrong. If you see that the person does things that mess with another person’s will, get away from the potential Wiccan mentor.

  • Does the person align with the Law of Three?

Does the potential Wiccan mentor understand and accept responsibility related to the repercussions of his or her actions? The Law of Three holds that you will receive three times what you put out into the world. People who do bad things attract three times the trouble not only to themselves but to others associated with them. Get away from those who do bad things!

  • Is this person compassionate and respectful?

Some mentors are tyrants. A mentor who is a tyrant fails to demonstrate compassion and respect in many areas of life. If this potential mentor has no respect or compassion for others, ask yourself, “How will he/she ultimately treat me?” Avoid this potential mentor.

  • Does this person manipulate others?

Pay close attention. Do you see the possible mentor manipulating other people for selfish ends? It’s a fallacy that this kind of mentor will treat you “as special.” No! If the person hurts others, then at some point, such a person will hurt you, too! Avoid this type of mentor.

  • Does this person come highly recommended?

A rule of thumb for working with someone new is to talk with three people who have had previous interactions with the person. Certainly, you would ask about the level of the potential mentor’s knowledge. But even more important is to ask: “Would you work with this person again?” If the person does not have three people who unreservedly recommend him or her, then beware. So many people allow their desires to blind them to the truth. Do not let this happen to you. If you hear bad news about the person, heed it!

Use the above essential questions to help you find the right mentor for you.

Be safe by using both your mind and intuition.

This information is so important that I invite you to share this post far and wide.

Thank you.


Moonwater SilverClaw


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