Wiccans and Tattoos – A Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Tattoos

Spiritual Tattoos

I leaned forward, tensing a bit as the needle found its mark. The ink started creating the wings of a butterfly, with my cat Magick’s cute eyes included in those wings.

A number of Wiccans like to decorate their temple—that is, their body. Some Wiccans create whole rituals around getting tattooed.

My getting a back tattoo was an expression of my spiritual journey. It includes the journey of a caterpillar to butterfly. My multiple sessions in the chair became my rite, to myself and to the Gods. As the needle continued to pierce my skin, I silently chanted.

Why get a tattoo? Many people use tattoos as a way to express who they are. The tattoos tell their story. For example, I have a dedication to my spirit guide as one tattoo.

Getting a tattoo does hurt. For me, it’s a trial to pass, or a sacrifice, as part of my personal rite of passage.

If you consider having a tattoo done, realize you can include words, images, sigils and more. It’s sacred art. Let your spiritual imagination flow. Further, think long and hard about the placement of your tattoo. Who will you let see your sacred art? Will you be careful and make sure that a shirt can cover your tattoo so you have more possibilities for employment? (Yes, some employers still have an aversion to tattoos.)

Is your tattoo only to be visible to yourself and your coven?

Some people choose to place a sigil on their arm (for example) so they can see it often and thus recharge it. Others choose to place a tattoo somewhere that they do not see often.

A tattoo involves many questions and requires lots of thinking and feeling. Be sure to connect with your own intuition. For some people a tattoo is not part of their path.

Take care before or if you decide to get spiritually inked.


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