Discover The Deep Truth Beneath Casting Circle and Ritual

Sacred Circle of Trees

Sacred Circle of Trees

I just couldn’t get my mind to settle down. My friend’s suicide happened and it really tore at my heart. I knew that I had to make sure that he transitioned safely to the Summerlands. The transition just wasn’t going to happen on its own. That’s what the Tarot told me.

So I pushed myself and took action. I did a ritual to help him find the Summerlands. Once I knew he had crossed safely, I felt peace in my heart.

For Wiccans, we do have a source of relief and even deep peace: Ritual.

In my studies, I’ve learned that Ritual is designed to get us free of the conscious mind and its petty obsessions.

The more often that you Cast a Circle, Conduct Ritual, Do the Cakes and Wine Ceremony and Close the Circle, you become stronger.

You become conditioned to go to a Higher Level where you can open the unconscious mind and open the doors to successful magick.

Successful magick happens when you open those doors wide and do it reliably. Repetition of rituals is the best way to change your consciousness so you can do magick reliably.

The more often you do ritual, the more you train your mind to make a transition to a Higher Level.

Each ritual begins with Casting a Circle. When you cast a circle you not only set up your sacred space with related protection, your casting also opens those doors to your subconscious mind, which is called the Younger Self. We Wiccans use the Younger Self for communication as we do magick. By the way, the Younger Self is also known as the Sticky Self in the faerie tradition.

You might think of your Younger Self as a five-year-old. How do you keep a five-year-old engaged? Not with long-winded talking. Instead, you use things like props and other items. Think shiny, sparkly with loud noises.

Using drums, other musical instruments and other props that are fun and novel help you easily communicate with the Younger Self.

Wiccans realize the Younger Self is the source of energy for effectively doing magick.

Remember that regularly doing ritual helps you condition yourself to readily rise to a Higher Level and engage your Younger Self. In this way, your magick-work will get better.


Moonwater SilverClaw


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