The Gods Want You to Have What You Want

Get what you want.

Get what you want.


“Your aunt died this morning,” my father said, his face twisted in pain. “She wouldn’t eat. She didn’t want to live, anymore.”

Why had she stopped wanting to live?

Maybe this post finds you at a really tough time. Life can really hurt. We can get stuck thinking about what we don’t have.

Many Wiccans are drawn to magick because they want something to make their lives better. Perhaps, you’re longing for something to change in your life. Wanting things is not a bad thing. The Gods want us to be happy, and working on ourselves to bring something new into our lives can help us feel fulfilled. Maybe you want to make space in your home for something new like a corner of a room dedicated to your knitting materials or something else.

The real question becomes: How can we feel good now?—even if our thoughts are stuck on what we don’t have.

Pause for a moment.

What are the things you already have in your life that you are grateful for?

What do you have that you like? An iPod? A watch?

I’m grateful for this chair I’m sitting in. It’s more comfortable than the previous one.

My friend, “Sarah” lives at a level below the poverty line. But I notice that she pays attention to what the Gods have already given her. She’s happier than another friend, “Grant” who you’d think, with his high income, would be happy.

I invite you to center your thinking (for a time) on “what I have” instead of just “what I don’t have.”

In the moment, you’ll likely feel better. This is a good thing. Then, when you turn to the Gods asking for something that you desire, you’re in a better space to do effective magick.

Be grateful for what you have to get around, whether its a new car, old car or your feet!

Being grateful for the things we already have will help us realize how fortunate we are. In such a good state of being, it is easier to connect with wanting to live.

A few days ago, we celebrated Mabon, which is a harvest festival during which we’re thankful for what the Gods and Goddesses have given us.

Let’s continue our grateful feelings each day.



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2 thoughts on “The Gods Want You to Have What You Want

  1. I know someone who is never happy with what they have. Since I have considerably less (in their opinion, not mine) than them, they cannot believe that I am truly happy. They are constantly pushing me to have more, want more, do more. Sometimes, they almost convince me that I don’t have enough. They are always shocked when I revert to my position of “it’s enough for me”. Done people are unable to find happiness, no matter how much they have, others find happiness with nothing. I’d rather be in the second group.


    • Thank you Crystal,
      It is great that you are already thinking in the healthy way with the phrase “it’s enough for me.” I agree, the second group is where I strive to stay, too.



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