White Magic versus Black Magic – Really?

Black and White Pentacle

Black verses White


“When you’re using Black Magick, you’re—”  the comparative religion student said, as he stared at me.

“Hey, she hasn’t said anything about Black Magick,” the college class instructor clarified.

I added that Wicca is a positive spiritual path. I emphasized: “There is no White Magick or Black Magick.”

Further in the discussion, another student asked, “Black Magick is about doing something bad to someone else—right?”

Still, another student said, “But I thought White Magic is when you do something good for someone.”

Stop. First, this is a “dualism way of thinking.” This type of thinking dates back many centuries. For example, in Zoroastrianism,  the One Deity was said to have two manifestations: good–Spenta Mainyu and bad–Angra Mainyu.

Some comparative religion scholars suggest that this good/bad idea continued through Judaism and Christianity.

This dualism idea is not the Wiccan approach. Modern Wicca traces back its insights to pre-Zoroastrianism times.

In Wicca, magick is energy and a resource. Similar to water, it is neither good nor bad.
Here are two examples about water:

Lost and staggering in the desert, you’re parched, dehydrated. And water saves your life.


You’re taking a wonderful cruise, but a rogue wave knocks you from the deck. You tread water until . . . you can’t, and the sea takes another victim.

So is water good or evil? No. It just “is.”

Wiccans can use magick for good or bane (“a source of harm or ruin” – Merriam-Webster.com). The practitioner’s intention takes the resource that is magick and turns it to good or ill. Magick is simply the natural energies around us. I’ll say that Black Magick and White Magick are misnomers.

So does this mean that the practitioners can be either White Witches or Black Witches?

I suggest we drop these terms.

Still, we all have a light and a dark side.

My point is: Let’s drop these labels Black and White. Instead, remember the Wiccan Rede: These Eight words the Rede fulfill: “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will.”

Yes, evil exists.

But if we stick to the Wiccan Rede, we can walk a positive and spiritual path.


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5 thoughts on “White Magic versus Black Magic – Really?

  1. I completely agree, and this is a conversation I’ve found myself having to have with my Christian relatives (usually while trying to explain that not only am I NOT a devil-worshiper, that I don’t actually believe in the devil at all -insert gasp here).

    It’s hard to get people who know nothing of the energies surrounding them to understand that they draw on this same well of energy in their own lives without realizing it.

    I hadn’t thought of using the water comparison, though and I might borrow that the next time I find myself in that situation.

    Most of us simply do what we feel is necessary, while trying not to intentionally harm anyone.


    • Crystal,

      Thank you for your comment. I agree with you that it is hard to open others’ eyes, (whether family or just the average person off the street), to understand that magick is an energy and neither “black nor white.” I hope the water analogy helps in explaining this concept to your family and others.



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