Talking to Claudia

Opening up to New Ideas

Opening up to New Ideas

“I don’t want to make a mistake. I’m new to spellwork,” Claudia said.

Shifting the phone to my other ear, I thought, “I can empathize with this because I went through it, too.”

Years ago, when I first began with Wicca, I was really concerned about doing Wicca correctly from the start. It was very important for me to honor the God and Goddess appropriately.

Claudia asked, “How do I do dedication ceremony? It seems like there are a lot of ways to do it, depending on what kind of Traditions [Trads] are out there.”

“It’s true that there are many different types of dedication ceremonies,” I began. “Many have valuable parts and there’s no one and only way to do a dedication ceremony.”

Wicca includes various rituals that a practitioner may do. Rituals can be incredibly complex to quite simple depending on your tastes. Do you like complex and complicated or do you prefer the more simple types of rituals? The best thing that I can say is whatever you do, do it from your heart. That is what pleases the Gods.

I continued by sharing my own journey and how I chose one of the oldest Trads for learning the basics.

Consider Which Witch is Which to get an overview of the different Trads out there.

Claudia then asked about casting of a circle and why people enter from the East and leave from the West. I answered, “We start in the East, in the direction of the sunrise. Then you walk around deosil (clockwise or sun-wise) untill you end up back in the East. West is the direction of Death so you exit that way. When you make a circle starting in the East, it comes around to the East again, making a ‘door.’”

Think of the cycle of life and death. We are born just like the sun each day. And then the wheel turns untill we end up at death, when the sun goes down or “dies.”

Then Claudia asked about which colors are appropriate to use for your circle. You can use white. Or you can use colors that correspond to the four directions:

  • North – green or brown
  • South – red
  • East – yellow
  • West – blue

For more information about rituals, consider my blog article “Why do Wiccans Do Ritual?”

If you want even more information, I have lots of good info for beginners in my book The Hidden Children of the Goddess.

“How do I find a good mentor?” Claudia asked and I shared with her information found in my blog post: Finding the Right Wiccan Mentor for You.

Another way to find a mentor is attending PantheaCon, a Pagan conference that takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area each February. Many different practitioners of Paganism (including Wicca) attend. You can then check out and ask about the different Trads, and learn from the practitioners themselves. You can check out the website of PantheaCon  It would be fun to talk with you if we meet there. I often attend.

You can also find local mentors through Covenant of the Goddess.

I hope you find the above resources to be useful.


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The Hidden Children of the Goddess Book


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