Invite the Gods to Comfort You



“I’m feeling overwhelmed a lot of the time. Sometimes, I’m afraid but I’m not clear about what’s really bothering me,” Nadine, a close friend, said.

Since that conversation, I’ve reflected on this human dilemma. We have all had trouble in which we see bad circumstances pile up against us.

However, sometimes we know that some trouble is present, but we can’t see the details clearly.

One way to see our obstacles clearly is to do a Candle-Lighting Ritual.

Light the candle and concentrate on the candle’s flame. Recite this chant:

The Gods’ Presence Chant

Though the darkness presses in,
I know the Gods’ presence within.
Open the Door for my Insights’ flight,
May this be solved in a fortnight.

When you make time to do a ritual, you open the door to feel comforted by the Gods.


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