Skyclad verses Robed Wicca

Spiritual Tattoos

Spiritual Tattoos

“Lisa, are you okay with going skyclad with our coven?” Sharon asked.
“I don’t know,” Lisa said.
“Do you understand why we go skyclad?”

It’s  your choice to go skyclad (which means nude) or clothed.

First, several covens do not practice going skyclad.

Some British Traditional Wiccan (BTW) covens do. For example, Gardnerians tend to, but many Gardnerian covens opt out of going skyclad.

Why go skyclad? Witches raise power. And, clothing is considered to insulate and prevent power from flowing.

Not everyone believes clothing has such a big impact. For example, I feel that magick is stronger than being so easily thwarted by clothing.

I note that we Wiccans try to attune ourselves as close to nature as possible. This is why most witches worship in the outdoors and honor the cycles of the seasons. Being in nature we feel closer to the Gods.

When we are born, we are naked, in a completely natural state. We are one with nature at that moment.

When we’re skyclad, I feel, we’re in a natural state. I feel this is a sign of freedom. We’re free from society’s chains. For some, clothing ties into how lower social-economic groups are, in a sense, enslaved. Taking off those Reeboks and fancy clothes help witches to come together as equals in circle.

For a number of Gardnerians, going skyclad is a manifestation of tradition. (Again, not all Gardnerian covens practice being skyclad.)

For covens, who opt out of going skyclad, they use robes or even daily, casual clothing.

I suggest that you consider choosing some clothing that you keep only for ritual. Such clothing will help keep you in the ritual mindset.

Some covens choose to hold ritual in a backyard. And some neighbors would find seeing a group of skyclad Wiccans as “indecent.”

Some people get a permit to hold a ritual in a public park (for example, the Spiral Dance in San Francisco, California). In these cases, going robed is a good idea.

Going robed works well when it’s cold outside. You really can’t concentrate if you’re cold and uncomfortable. Honoring the Gods is supposed to be a pleasant experience after all!

Your robe gives you a cool opportunity: You can place all kinds of magickal symbols on your robe.

You can add the following to your robe:

  • your name in Theban
  • power sigils
  • the color of your patron Deity
  • herbs
  • crystals (you could sew a few into your robe)

In this way, you can create magick just by putting on your robe.

Where can I get a Wiccan robe? There are sources on the Internet and at pagan gatherings.

If you feel crafty, you can even make your own. Consider this pattern below.



When you make your robe, pick cotton or another natural fiber.

Remember, it’s your choice: skyclad, robed, or in specially chosen casual clothes.


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