See the Truth


“Now, do you believe?!” my sweetie said to me, as the plane lifted from the ground.

“Yeah, I do,” I replied.

For months, he said that we would take a plane, cross the country and then take a ship and finally walk on the ocean floor.

Because of dealing with depression symptoms, it was hard for me to really believe that our trip would actually take place. In a way, you might say my depression symptoms blocked me from seeing the possibilities.

This reminds me of the classic story in which blind men gathered to experience an elephant.

“It’s a pillar,” said the blind man embracing one leg.
“No, a hand fan,” said another holding an ear.
“You’re wrong, a rope,” said another.
“No, a wall.”
“A solid pipe,” said the one holding the tusk.

A wise man approached and explained, “You’re all right. You all experienced a part of the elephant. The elephant is all that you said and more.”

Finally, the blind men stopped arguing.

The same, I believe, is true about Deity. Everyone has a piece of the ALL. And what they don’t see is that it is all connected. It’s the same ALL that everyone else has. But they are experiencing the ALL in different ways, and this selective experience creates different practices and beliefs around the world.

So when I hear someone say that he knows the one and only God, I pause. I think of the elephant which is more than the sum of the parts.

Yes, I believe the God and Goddess are part of the ALL. But still I realize that Deity is more than my momentary perception.

And I’d invite anyone else to consider that other people are experiencing Deity in a way that suits them at the moment.

Let’s celebrate our shared opportunity to grow in spirit.


Moonwater SilverClaw


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4 thoughts on “See the Truth

  1. I love your posts. My depression has been severe and reading your blog makes me feel better. Thank you. And when do we get a new book? 🙂 I’m ready!


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