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“How do Wiccans protect themselves?” Kristen asked.

“That’s a big topic. What do you want to protect yourself from?” I asked.

“I recently graduated, and I’m temporarily living with my parents. They have a couple of friends who are negative. I want to keep my own room protected from their negative energy.

In today’s post, I’ll share how to protect yourself by using salt.

[In the next few posts, I will share a number of ways to protect yourself. From House Blessings to guarding yourself from energy vampires, I’ve got you covered.]

We’ll begin with one of the main techniques: using holy water. The Priest or Priestess takes sea salt and spring water and mixes them together. Then, the person blesses the mixture. A number of Wiccans say this: “I cast out all negative energies from this water, and I bless this pure water in the names of [pick which Deities].”

Then this mixture is used to cleanse spaces, objects and people.

Why do we use salt? Our ancestors noticed that adding salt to meat made it last much longer than if it was left alone. Although they didn’t know it, the salt killed bacteria and germs so meat was kept edible.

But salt isn’t just for a physical cleansing. Salt provides for a spiritual cleansing, too.

Bad energies and negative spirits don’t like salt. So we use salt to cleanse the Circle we cast. We get rid of the nasties that may be lingering around. Think of salt as spiritual soap!

In the next post, we will talk about how Wiccans use the Circle for protection.


Moonwater SilverClaw

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