Protection – The Sacred Circle

Circle Setup Graphic

Circle Setup Graphic


Moira started her ritual. On the astral plane, this was like lighting a torch. Some entities were attracted. Fortunately, Moira’s mentor taught her well; Moira made sure to correctly cast her Circle!

Among the reasons to cast a Circle, protection and raising energy are key.

Do you really need protection? Isn’t nature all sacred? The short answer is . . . yes.

However, there are entities in the natural world that get attracted to a cast Circle. In the vastness of the astral plane, by casting a Circle, you have lighted a bright torch. The torch attracts everything. Entities are curious, and they’re attracted to energy. It’s what they feed on. So, in a way, you’re ringing the dinner bell.

Casting a Circle and calling your quarters is how you defend your own energy and space. Casting a Circle creates a boundary that defends you from the little buggers on the astral plane.

When you call the quarters, you are summoning the elementals (a form of entity) that help you defend your Circle. They also donate power to your spiritual working.

Calling the quarters is part of building a fortress against unwanted entities that may try to interfere with you and the energy you are raising.

In essence, when you call the quarters,  you are making a temple. A fortified and well-guarded temple.




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