How to Bless and Consecrate an Object


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How to Bless and Consecrate an Object

“I have this cute statue I just bought, and I am going to place it on my altar,” my friend Lisa said.
“Have you blessed and consecrated it yet?” I asked.
“No.” said Lisa.
“It’s vital to bless and consecrate an object to make it safe to use,” I emphasized.

Witches often Bless and Consecrate an object, space or person. We use this process every time we cast circle.

Use holy water to Bless and Consecrate an object and thereby remove bad energies and entities. You avoid having other energies mix with your intentions. Leaving in bad energies and entities would have created chaos and undesired effects.

Below I’m going to give two highlights from the blessing and consecrating processes.

  1. Using Holy Water*

After Casting Circle, you hold the object and sprinkle holy water upon it (the process of  asperging). Say: I cleanse you by Earth and Water

  1. Using Smoke Arising from Incense

Waft the object through the smoke arising from Blessed Incense. By the way, wafting the object through smoke is the process of charging the object.

As you waft the object through smoke three times, say: I bless and consecrate you by Fire and Air

You have made the object suitable for use in your spellwork.

(*Witches make their own holy water with three pinches of salt.)

Blessed Be,
Moonwater SilverClaw

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