Making the Pattern of Your Life


I’m chatting on Facebook with a distraught young woman “Janis.” She has enjoyed my writing on my blog and now I’m helping her. Janis’ self-esteem has been torn apart by her family members’ vicious remarks about her Wiccan path.

As I help Janis, I glance at my knitting project (a blanket) at my side. It becomes so clear to me that we create our lives by the choices we make – one choice at a time.

After the Facebook chat, the conversation stays with me. I realize that every moment of my life before that Facebook chat prepared me to be in the right place at the right time. I had the right experiences so I could provide compassionate guidance for this young woman.

Imagine that your life is a knitted blanket. Each stitch represents an event  or a choice you have made in life. Each time you have had an experience, you made a stitch in the blanket. The stitches including your thoughts, choices and feelings combine to make the unique fabric. So one stitch leads to another stitch and another stitch — until a blanket is made.

Then I had another thought: At the end of my life, I’ll have a large, knitted blanket of experiences, thoughts and feelings. When I pass from this life do I bring the whole blanket?

Yet another thought arose. A spiritual thought. There is something that is eternal: The yarn — the essence of me. This essence continues through each project.

When we die, the pattern that we’ve made is like our body. We leave that behind. Soon enough, we will begin again as one single strand of yarn that will continue to manifest into the many lives during reincarnation.

When we start a new pattern; we may become a shirt or a hat this time. It all depends on what choices we make and what pattern we choose.

I find this comforting — the eternal aspect of each of us. The eternal strand of yarn.

In Wicca, I look upon reincarnation as a gift. Because we get to come back with people we loved before. In each incarnation we get to learn new stuff and make new choices. We get to have new experiences that we missed in a previous life. We get to gain spiritual wisdom in each successive incarnation.

Today I was knitting and had a mishap. I had to take apart a small section of my project. That’s when I “tink” the project — yes, you’re seeing the word “knit” backwards. So in knitting as with other processes in life, it’s not about doing things perfectly.

It’s a process. Your job is to stay aware and keep knitting, keep learning and to keep growing.

Blessed Be,

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