How to Raise Your Low Self-esteem Through Wicca

“How can I let go of the feelings of sadness and low self-esteem?” Alexandra asked.

I’ve talked with many people who, like me, suffer from times of low self-esteem.

Here is a meditation to help those of us who need to raise our self-esteem.

Find a nice quiet spot, somewhere you will not be disturbed. Light a candle and burn some incense if you like. Turn off all of your electronics, and get comfortable.

In the below meditation, you will identify a worn, harmful belief. Then you will represent such a Harmful Belief as one “difficult-word.” For example, if your word is “can’t”—soon you will place it in the fire (in your mind’s eye). It will transform. For example, “can’t” can transform into “I CAN learn what I need to learn.” This is a New Belief.

Meditation to Raise Your Self-Esteem

Close your eyes.  Be aware of the light that is in the room through your closed eyelids.

Breathe in and out deeply … Relax.
Keep breathing deeply. In … and … Out.
Breathe out the stress of the day.
Breathe in relaxation and peace.


You are still aware of the light that is in the room.
Now the light begins to fade.
As it fades you feel total comfort. You feel safe and secure in the darkness.

(Short Pause)

Now, a new form of light blossoms around you.
You look down and see a cauldron.
Flames are fluttering from within the cauldron, and they rise to about four inches above the lip of the cauldron.

Pick one thought or memory of sadness or “I can’t do it.”
Now identify a word that represents the difficult thought.
See how the “difficult-word” appears to break down.

The difficult-word is now old and worn out.
You know in your heart that you no longer need the word.
It is time to let it go.


See your difficult-word. The flames in the cauldron
are flickering behind your difficult-word.
Now with your mind, push the difficult-word into the flames.
The difficult-word catches fire, and the fire completely consumes the difficult-word.  


The difficult-word disappears and soon a green colored smoke rises from the cauldron.
It starts to form your New Belief—which is in the form of a sentence.
This New Belief helps you and supports you.
Breathe in deeply and absorb the green, supportive New Belief.


The New Belief is now part of you, and you have gained its attributes.
Feel it. Know it is so.
You now return to the physical world, and you always know you have that positive attribute no matter what anyone says.


Coming back is a gentle transition as the light begins to fade around you once more.
Slowly at first, it gets darker and darker.
As it fades you feel total comfort. You feel safe and secure in the darkness.

(Short Pause)

Then a familiar light returns, the light in the room where you started.
It gradually gets brighter and brighter.
You are back in the room. You have brought the feelings of higher self-esteem and happiness back with you.

(Short Pause)

Now, gently open your eyes.

Use the above meditation as often as you need to. With a lot of practice, soon all of the bad thoughts about yourself can transform into the green smoke of renewal and higher self-esteem.

Blessed Be,

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2 thoughts on “How to Raise Your Low Self-esteem Through Wicca

  1. Your meditation ‘Element of Fire”….. utilizes sound psychology that compiles some of the basic elements of rational-emotive therapy. Your advice is spiritual and raises self-awareness. It is the little voice in our heads telling us defeatist thoughts that do most of the damage to our self-esteem. I am not a Wiccan…. but you edify me on things…. that improve me as a person… and make me feel better about myself. Thank you Moonwater SilverClaw…for your logical and helpful insight. Love The Mousekin…….. A/KA Marian Gruman


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