The Ant’s Tale


The ant’s world was ablaze. Flames towered over the ant as it scampered back and forth. I saw the ant in peril on a piece of firewood in my camp fire. With compassion, I placed a stick next to the piece of firewood that was ablaze at one end. The ant rushed onto the stick.

The ant crawled half way up. But then it frantically jumped off the refuge-stick I offered and dashed back toward the flames.

Again, I placed the stick right in front of the ant. This time it got back on the refuge-stick, and I swiftly lifted the stick and placed it on the ground some distance from the camp fire. The ant was safe.

Sometimes we make bad decisions despite God’s and Goddess’s warnings. The Gods, in their compassion, save us from our own stupidity.

Earlier today, I drove on the freeway. When a large truck cut me off, I slammed on the breaks. My car slid down the freeway until the wheels regained traction. With fast reflexes and the Gods’ grace I was safe!

Sometimes we are given intuitive guidance to go into a new direction, but our fear sends us back toward the flames. Some people stay in a bad marriage or in a bad job because these are the flames they know. Uncertainty seems to be too much to bear.

We, Wiccans, can call upon the Gods to guide us. They are present. They walk beside us on our journey through our lives. (I wrote a book on this: Goddess Walks Beside You.)

The Gods try to be as supportive as possible. All we need to do is ask for help and then step forth on the new, better path. (It’s better than getting burned.)

Blessed Be,

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