Dedicating Your Labors to the Gods



Perspiration dripping from my face, my ankles shaking due the rocky trail, I gasped for breath. Two miles into this hike, and I had a good idea: I’d dedicate my journey on this trail to the Gods. I offered my hard work as a gift to them. You can make such an offering with many things. Still, a struggle has a special element. When you struggle, you put more energy into the activity. The God and Goddess appreciate such devotion of energy.

Upon hearing about this process of dedicating my hike, my friend Sandra said, “That sounds like the Catholic idea of ‘offering up one’s suffering.”

“No,” I protested. “The Gods don’t want your suffering. They want you to be happy.” I explained. Doreen Valiente wrote The Charge of the Goddess and in it she noted the Voice of the Goddess saying: “All acts of love and pleasure are My rituals.”

You can do many things to honor the Gods. Some suggestions include:

  • Create an art project
  • Volunteer for an organization, especially one that helps the planet or animals
  • Accomplish a physical feat, like my hike
  • Write a book and dedicate it to Them
  • Clean your ritual space and altar on a regular basis

Dedicating your labors is a great way to honor the God and Goddess.

Blessed Be,

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