Moonwater’s Formula for Making a Spell


“I really could use a simple format for making a spell, Moonwater,” my friend Anita said.

“Okay. I can give you the basics with a 6-Step Formula for Making a Spell,” I replied.

It comes down to these steps or what I call the “6 What’s”:

  1. What do you want?
  2. What element?
  3. What will represent that element?
  4. What do you have at hand?
  5. What words?
  6. What Timing.
  1. What do you want?

Seems simple enough, right? Still, many people hold the thought “I want more money.” That’s too vague. What do you want the money for? Some people have a job that pays well enough but they hate that job. So what do they do? They buy expensive stuff and vacations. Perhaps, what they really want is a job that they feel good about.

Now, ask yourself: What do I want? Then ask yourself, No….What do I really want? Keep refining it until you have it. Finding the root of the need is important.

  1. What element?

How do you pick the appropriate element? Think about your need. What element is connected to it?

  • Do you want to flow better at work? That relates to Water.
  • Do you want to think more clearly? That’s related to the element Air.
  • If you want more energy, you likely want to connect with the spark – with Fire.
  • Do you feel scattered? To connect with being grounded, focus on Earth.

Questions like these will help you pick what element is best suited for your problem or desire.

  1. What will represent that element?

What object would make a good representation of your element? If it’s Fire, perhaps, a lit candle. If it’s water, you could use a sea shell because it comes from the sea.

  1. What do you have at hand?

With a list of objects that can represent your element, take a look and see what you have on hand that would fit the bill. Perhaps your first thought was to use a shell as part of your spell. However, you do not have one in your home. You could simply grab a bowl and fill it with water.

  1. What words?

The words you choose are important.

Here are three details to help you.

  • Choose an opening

Here’s an example:

By the powers of the Sun and Moon

  • Give a deadline

Here’s an example:

So make this happen nine days or less

  • Put in the protection phrases

Here is an example:

An it harm none.

I also include “This or better.” There are times with the God and Goddess know better than we do what would be good for our overall journey of life.

     6. What Timing – moon phase?

Waxing is for gaining or adding something to your life and waning is for decrease or getting rid of something.

Additionally, give a time period for the spell to stop. You can say something like may it come to pass within three moons. (Spells usually come to pass within one moon cycle.)

May the above details help you in forming your spell. It’s true that one may add other details to a spell. Still, the above provides you with a good start.

The various parts of your spell are like the pieces you put together when sewing a quilted blanket.

Blessed Be,

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