A Spell to Attract New and Positive Friends


One of my readers asked about how to create a spell to attract new friends.

I think the easiest spell you can do is a candle spell. Candle spells can be quite simple and yet very powerful.

Please read the spell all the way through so you can get an idea of what is happening at each step.

When doing the spell, simply hold onto the feelings of truly wanting good friends to surround you.

Note: Chime candles work well for this spell. Otherwise, you can use tea lights.

What you will need:

  • Three Pink candles
  • Four candle holders
  • One loadstone (you can use a simple magnet if you do not have one)
  • One white candle.
  • Rose oil or you can use simple olive oil
  • Pen and virgin paper. (Virgin simply means unused or brand new and unmarked and untouched)
  • Lighter

 Set up.

Do on a waxing moon or full moon.

Write the attributes of what you want in your new friends on the paper thinking of all the wonderful friends you will be attracting.

Place the paper down and put the loadstone on top of the paper. Carve your name on the white candle and rub oil on the candle from tip to base. Then place the candle in the middle of the paper next to the loadstone.

Carve the word “Friend” on each of the pink candles and rub the oil onto the candle from tip to base. Place the three pink candles in a triangle around the loadstone and white candle.

What to do.

Light the white candle and say:

One, two, three, I call out to thee!

Drop a drop of wax from the white candle onto the loadstone.

Next, light the first of the pink candles and say:

Lord of Life and my Lady of the Moon,
I ask of you now this simple boon.

Place a drop of wax from the pink candle onto the loadstone.

Next lighting in a clockwise fashion the next pink candle, from the white candle and say:

My desires are simple, and there true,
Bring me friends so loyal, true and new.

Place a drop of wax from second the pink candle onto the loadstone.

Next, light the last pink candle, and say:

Lord of Life and my Lady of the Moon,
Bring me friends healthy, sane and in tune.

Place a drop of wax from this last pink candle onto the loadstone.

By the powers of the sun, moon and sea,
In a fortnight for me to now see.

So mote it be.

Let the candles burn all the way down.

After the candles have burned out you can now carry the loadstone and paper in your pocket or purse where ever you go to attract new positive friends.

I hope this helps you.

Blessed Be,

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19 thoughts on “A Spell to Attract New and Positive Friends

    • Hello Ebony,
      Clockwise is deosil or to go the same path the sun takes across the sky, this is also known as sunwise. This is turning to your right, and going around in a circle to back to where you started from.


  1. What has to be done with the paper?
    Can it be thrown away or something else needs to done?
    And is there a special time when this spell can be performed.


      • I have been looking for a friendship spell today and I read yours am my question is
        Do I rotate the candles around the magnet clockwise? Or do I walk around the candle / magnet/etc
        Or do I walk with a candle in hand?
        I’m sorry for wanting specific details but I appreciate your response in advance ❤


      • Hello Jehieli,
        Thank you for your comment. You are going to light the three pink candles in a clockwise fashion. Dripping a drop of wax from each of the pink candles in succession onto the loadstone. Then after all the candles have burned themselves out you can carry the paper and loadstone with you.
        I rewrote the post a little in hopes of making it more clear.


  2. Greetings. I want to do this spell for my 3 daughters. Lately they have been having some trouble making friends. One of them has no problems being social. The middle child had many friends, but since they are getting older, things are changing (which I would expect…children will be children) but my oldest has a hard time making friends. She is only 8. Should I do this for my children and would I simply substitute “me” for my daughter’s names? Thanks in advance.
    And I am just getting started learning about this. Should I create a safe space/altar before I do my first spell? Should I begin with cleansing of the house? I don’t want to do anything I shouldn’t do like jump right into casting spells. Guidance is appreciated. Please and thank you!


    • Hello Miriam,
      Yes, you can do this spell for your daughters. First I would make an altar and cleanse your home. Next, gather the things you need for the spell. Once you have everything, put it on your altar. Be sure you have a lighter to light the working candle. Cast circle. Do the spell.

      It would be great if you could include your daughters (if you think they would understand or contribute in some way.) Yes, you can substitute your daughters’ names instead of the word “me.” Having a clean home is best. That way there is no stagnant energy lingering around.

      I wish you and your daughters the best.

      Remember I am here if you have any more questions.



    • Push,
      It depends. If you are using the quarter candles yes you can reuse them as long as you use them for that purpose. God and Goddess candles yes, again if it is for the same purpose. Spell candles is a definite no. They should have been burned all the way out and then the remains (if any) to be buried.
      Thank you for the great question.


  3. IHello Moonwater,
    I would dearly love a spell that would turn a ” said ” person into a true friend of mine. What can I do to make this happen. It is a loving and sincere friendship I am after.


    • I would ask the person to do this spell with you. Remember it is immoral to do a spell on someone without their permission.

      True Friend spell

      What you will need:

        One pink candle
        Rose Incense
        Rose oil
        Two rings
        Ritual tools

      Cast circle in the usual manner

      Dress your candle by rubbing your oil from tip to base. Cleanse and consecrate your candle and rings. Place the pink candle on your altar in its holder. Place the rings by the candle. Take your friend’s hands and both of you say over the rings together:

      I swear upon my soul,
      Honesty, love, and kindness I shall show.
      I State my true name (_each state your name_),
      That I am a true friend to you through and through.
      That I will be most honest with you,
      As I so will, so mote it be!

      Each places a ring on the finger of the other and says:
      True friends, true as can be.
      Together now so mote it be!

      Cakes and wine ceremony
      Close your circle


  4. I’m new to this and has been researching books and watching videos due to being curious. My question is in reading books and watching videos on YouTube it says to oil candle from base to tip to bring things to you and from tip to base to get rid of things, but you’re saying to oil candle from tip to base to bring new true friends, I’m confused now, would you please explain. How this would work and what’s the correct way of oiling candles.


    • I understand your confusion. Here’s how it works.
      Think of the candle as your body. As you stand the wick represents your head and the base, your feet.
      If you want to attract something to you, you would take that energy in from the universe through your head and pull it down to your feet.
      To repel or get rid of something, you would push that energy out from your feet and up through your body and out your head back to the universe.

      Thank you for the question.


  5. I’m going to use this to try and attract some New And Positive friends. I have had friends that I can have a bit of fun with but spent a lot of my years lonely. I’m an artist and I’ve got some great art but I’ve had the most unhappy friends that don’t do anything about why they feel unhappy. I end up comfort eating all the time when I’m writing which isn’t good for the age I’m at. I’ve done a money one and I’ve left it to work. I’m going to try New friendships.


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