Be Careful: Wiccans Stay Alert to The Thin Veil

On the astral plane, I breathed easily, talking with the God and Goddess. In the midst of my meditation, I knew that standing in the Stone Circle was safe.

Just as I took some steps to leave the Stone Circle, the God moved like a flash and barred my exit.

Then I heard a gut-wrenching fight between Jerry (my protective animal spirit) and some thing—outside the protective Circle.

Apparently, Jerry won. He came back to my side and guided me safely back to the earthly realm.

Soon, I opened my eyes. My meditation was complete.

The next day I talked to a friend, and she told me that “All religions have prophesies foretelling this.”

This what? The Veil between the earth and the astral plane is currently quite thin. Around the time of Samhain, The Veil usually does become thinner. However, at this moment, The Veil appears thinner still.

What can we do?

Put up extra wards and protections around your home and your life.

  1. Employ Witch’s Bottles.

I begin with revamping my witches’ bottles. Learn to make you own Witch’s Bottle here.

  1. Bless Salt or Stones for Protection

You can bless salt or stones (particularly hematite) and pour or place them around doors and windows. Wiccans pour blessed salt across thresholds, doors and windows. Wiccans place blessed stones next to such areas, too.

Here is a prayer to instill protection on your chosen substance (salt or stone):

By Sun and Moon,
by stream and sea
may protection come unto me.
I ask the Lord of Death and the Lady of Reincarnation
to take any negative or rough entity back to where they belong.
May this salt [or stones] protect me and my home.
So Mote It Be.

May these protection elements bless your life.

Blessed Be,

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