The Tree of Life Meditation

Meditation Exercise–“The Tree of Life”

Find a quiet space, place your feet flat on the ground and breathe deeply.

Feel the tension and stress in your body. In a moment, you’ll use the following Tree of Life Meditation to release this tension.

The Tree of Life Meditation

(You can record your voice on your phone and play it back so you can concentrate on this meditation.)

Slowly breathe in and out.

Breathe in the energy of love and peace (envision this as white energy). Breathe out all stress and negativity (envision this as black smoke).

Keep taking deep breaths in and out.

Concentrate on the white energy being breathed in and filling up your body with loving energy. Then let go and breathe out the negative energy you see, in your mind’s eye, as black smoke. As you do this, release the stresses of the day. Repeat this breathing cycle at least three times until you are comfortable and relaxed.

As your body and mind begin to relax, continue deep breathing and focus on this image:

Envision roots made up of energy that sprout from the bottoms of your feet. With each breath, extend the roots farther and farther down toward Mother Earth.

Extend them down through the floor, down past the plumbing of the house and down deep into Mother Earth’s body. Reach down to her core, to the center of Her heart.

Once there, with each breath in, pull up the energy from Mother Earth. Breathe out the stress and breathe in the blue-green energy of Mother Earth.

Pull the energy up through your roots, up past the plumbing of the house, past the floor and into your feet. The energy feels clean and refreshing.

Breathe in deeply. Pull the blue-green energy up into your legs and past your knees. Pull it up, up into your Root Chakra at the base of your spine. Let it fill your body, up into your Sacral Chakra and continuing to your Solar Plexus Chakra. Breathing in deeply, draw the energy up into your Heart Chakra. Let the energy flow down your arms and into your hands. Feel your body relax as the energy fills it.

Breathing in, draw the energy up into your Throat Chakra.

Concentrate on the blue-green energy filling your body. When you are ready, with another breath in, breathe the energy up into your Third Eye Chakra.

Using your breath, draw the energy up into your Crown Chakra. Feel the energy flow throughout your body.

With another breath in, pull the energy up and out of your head. The energy forms like branches toward the Sky above you. Continue and let the branches flow up and out into the cosmos.

Draw down the golden energy of the Sky and universe into you. Continue to let the Sky energy intermingle and mix with the Earth energy that is already there. Pull it down through your body and into your arms.

Continue breathing deeply, mixing and pulling the energies down to your Heart Chakra.

Breathe in again, pulling the energy of the universe down into your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Continue pulling in the energy. Let it flow into you. Pull it into your Root Chakra. Breathing deeply, pull it down your legs and down to your feet.

Feel the energy from both the Earth Mother and the Sky Father that is within you.

Now focus on pulling this mixed energy out from the top of your head once more. But this time let it cascade down all around you like a waterfall until it completely surrounds you.

With a deep breath in, take the energy and push it out in all directions into an egg shape around you. This is the Cosmic Egg of Protection.

Keep breathing and push out more and more energy into your egg.

Your egg gets stronger and stronger.

When you are satisfied with the strength of your egg stop and relax.

In a moment or two, slowly start to pull your branches back within you, pulling them in with each breath.

Let any extra energy dissipate through the roots that you had placed into the Earth from your feet, keeping the egg intact.

Now breathe in, pulling the roots, up, and back into your body just like the branches that were above you. Give yourself over to the total relaxation you now feel.

In a moment or two—and when you are ready—open your eyes.

Blessed Be,

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