Wiccans, Stand Up Against Sexual Assault

“This is so disturbing. All the rich and powerful men who gang together to protect themselves when we see evidence of their sexual abuse of women,” my friend, Jessica, said.


“Yes. And I realize that this is a crucial moment in history,” I replied. Jessica and I continued with a significant conversation. From this conversation and others like it, I have thought a lot about what is going on.

Use Anger as a Stepping Stone for Positive Change

When I was a child, I felt like I did not matter. My brother was given preferential treatment. He tormented me, and my parents’ neglect gave me a clear message that he was worth more to my parents than I was. My brother even went so far as to hold me down underwater (at a neighbor’s pool), terrifying me because I needed air! His friends, all boys his age, did nothing, to help an eight-year-old little girl. They just watched me being assaulted.


With the #metoo movement and with a woman testifying Thursday about the sexual assault she endured, we, women, are now taking our place as worthwhile people who will not stand by while such abuse continues in our society.


Perhaps, like me, you were taught to just swallow your anger.
Now is the moment for a new approach.
Use anger as a stepping stone for positive change.


We, Wiccans, know that there are times when we must stand our ground and even actively defend ourselves. During one of my meditations, I used my astral-sword to defend myself.
Methods of Defense and More …


Here are some suggested actions you can take.
  • Meditate and keep yourself strong – Keeping your spirit whole and healthy is the foundation for everything.
  • Call Upon the Goddess – In meditation and prayer, ask the Goddess to strengthen you.
  • Volunteer in the community with an organization that helps women in need.
  • Vote for representatives who focus on women as worthy and valuable. Register if you have not done so earlier.
  • Work magick to heal those who have been attacked. This can be as simple as a Prayer to Heal:

Lord and Lady,

grant those who have been wronged by sexual violence
now the power to heal.
May you find these actions to be supportive.

Blessed Be,

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