Tame Your Inner Critic: A Wiccan Perspective

Ever find that your Inner Critic beats you up emotionally?

Some of us ask, “What’s an Inner Critic?” That’s the part of you that won’t give you a break. Instead of saying, “You made a mistake,” the Inner Critic says, “What the hell is the matter with you?”

The Inner Critic is a voice inside you that kicks you when you’re down.

Here is a Self-Affirmation Chant to help you exert your inner power.

Self-Affirmation Chant

Inner critic, listen up,
You don’t think I make the cut.
Listen now and listen good,
Just stop pushing “should.”
I silence you from ruining my day,
Now my Higher Spirit has the last say.
Confidence and good thoughts surround me,
As I so will, So Mote it Be.

May you guide your Inner Critic to quiet down.
Demote the Inner Critic to just a member of your committee of voices in your thoughts.
Invite the Gods to enhance the power of your Higher Spirit.

Blessed Be,

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