How Witches Can Qualify to Join a Good Coven

“Are there red flags when a coven screens prospective students and members?” one of my readers asked.

Here are considerations that covens I know consider:

Is the person …

  • On time? Does the person get to the meeting place a bit early? Being late is disrespectful to the coven leader and wastes their time. This gives everyone a bad feeling. Be a bit early.
  • Reliable? Does the person bring the items he or she is supposed to bring? In a coven, we rely on each other to bring those items we need. How can you do a candle ritual without candles? Fulfill your commitments.
  • Trustworthy? Does the person own up to his or her mistakes? A person who cannot admit a mistake is not trustworthy. How can they improve if they cannot see the error? Admit mistakes, resolve to improve and make amends.
  • Hard working? Does the person complete homework and other assignments? Make sure you demonstrate your commitment by completing assignments.
  • Dedicated? Does the person take the class and the information seriously? Do they study hard and treat the subject with respect? This is how you demonstrate that you really want to be a priest or priestess.

May these guidelines help you in your endeavors.

Blessed Be,

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