How Wiccans Gain Help from ‘The Dark Mother’

Black and White Pentacle

“Do Wiccans get help from the ‘Dark Mother’?” one of my readers asked.

Wiccans know that working with the Dark Mother is helpful when you need to rid yourself of negative energy, illness, and ex-partners.

It is vital to notice that the Dark Mother helps one do something we can call “positive deconstruction.”

Deconstruction can be natural. For example, a tree falls in the woods. It is natural and good for the tree to decompose. Then there will be nutrients for other things to grow.

Here’s another example. A Wiccan can appeal to the Dark Mother by doing a spell in the waning moon (light to dark) to get rid of an illness. You are using magick to get rid of that illness.

As you can imagine, the Dark Mother is the opposite side of the fertile and growing aspect of the Goddess.

A Prayer

Dark Mother,
Help me get rid of _____.
I realize it is natural and good
To let some things decompose
So I may embrace my new chapter of life.

May this process bless your life.

Blessed Be,

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